Building sites next to the alpacas

Building sites next to the alpacas

Five developers would like to build in schobaritz in the next five years. However, the land use plan does not foresee any development there. However, most of the owners had given their consent, as the mayor of hiltpoltstein, gisela schulze-bauer (bfh), explained in the municipal council.

In order to benefit from the accelerated construction procedure without an environmental assessment, the municipality must pass a resolution on the development of the building area before 31 december 2009. December. Two variants had been worked out by the administration. This went then nevertheless too fast for some municipal councils, too many points were unclear.

There is a family that has two properties there, but did not want to include them in the development area. Alpacas are housed on the flats. Another family has its goat barn less than a hundred meters from the future building site. "The family showed serious concerns that the goat pen is not contractual with the future building area", said schulze-bauer. "The collision with the goat barn is present", added the mayor.

To ask for the emission report first, there was not enough time, because then there would be the "13 b advantage", the expedited procedure, forfeited. Schulze-bauer therefore proposed to pass the drafting resolution and to take out the two plots with the alpacas. Everything else was then discussed. The procedure could be cancelled at any time.

This was still too vague for the councilors. "Who will bear the costs of the surveyor??", the third mayor gisela geldner () wanted to know. This still has to be clarified, replied schulze-bauer. "An expert opinion is necessary. The goat pen is there and the goats have been moved out so that they don’t disturb anyone in the building area", explained the head of the municipality.

Wolfgang engel (CSU) did not like all this. For more than half a year, the municipal councils had spent a lot of time and effort on the land use plan and had drawn it up. "We can not help it if the people have not woken up. We’ve been talking about the flat land use plan for a year now.", said angel. His caucus colleague went one step further. "I am missing a planning office. How much will it cost the community to get there and how much will it cost the residents?? That’s a bigger number than the expert opinion", said second mayor georg potzner (CSU).

Here the mayor had to agree that the development was "not without" be.

"But for schobaritz it would be a small development opportunity," said engel, said schulze-bauer. "The property owners need to know that they will have to pay 90 percent of the penalty. The fewer the plots, the more expensive it will be", added geldner. In addition, it had to be clarified how the access from the county road to the future building area would be regulated, emphasized gerhard leistner.

Decision with 8:5 votes

Considering this as a compromise, sebastian heinze (bfh) asked for it. "We should see that 13 b is possible, but it will only be built when everything else is solved", he suggested. The decision to accelerate the process was made by a vote of 8 to 5.

Before the festivities began, the mayor thanked the councilors for their support. She regretted very much that so many quit. The committee has achieved a lot. She cited the almost completed renovation of the gymnasium as an example. Even at school, things are moving fast. Partly over 40 craftsmen are currently engaged in the renovation work.

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