Bundesliga half-time: succeeds the 1. Fcn in january the comeback?

Bundesliga half-time: succeeds the 1. Fcn in january the comeback?

Half-time in the fubball-bundesliga – and the 1.FC nurnberg is behind. Little surprising, also or just because of the financial possibilities that the francs have – in contrast to the competition. And the gap to FC augsburg, which has only four more points on the account and is therefore above the line in the table, is despite the now eleven-game drought without "three" not so serious as to have an absolutely negative impact on the psyche of the protagonists.

Defender robert bauer is not among those who think a comeback in the second half is illusory: "there is not a single one of us who has already given up. Nothing is lost yet." And the kicker love bauer know "that we have everything in our own hands if we play a good round at the back".

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Courageous performances

The club proved that it is quite competitive, especially at the beginning, with courageous performances: no deep pulling back to the front of its own 16-meter area, no uncontrolled bolting to demand the play tackle out of the danger zone. Instead, the permanent effort to find playful solutions – in order to create chances ourselves and not to have to hope for random products.

Always failures

The plan seemed to be working – until the number of players not fit for duty gradually increased. With enrico valentini, hanno behrens, eduard lowen, mikael ishak and goalkeeper christian mathenia all out for long periods and convalescents sebastian kerk and ewerton having to be brought back slowly, coach michael kollner was forced to use the "rotation machine" kick off. Continuity and stability with regard to the coordination processes in the respective parts of the team – between defense, midfield and offense – cannot be established in this way, let alone optimized.

Torles tim knoll: an unusual young professional at the 1. FC nurnberg

Fighting the attack

In addition, major personnel changes usually lead to changes in the tactical alignment – especially if the change is not made in the same position. The more defensive nurnberg variant (4-1-4-1), to create more compactness and security in the defense, but lacks penetrating power in the attack – because the switching game is too slow. The more offensive 4-1-2-3 system (or 4-3-3) brings the nurnbergers more often in front of the opponent’s goal, but the incidents in the backward movement are much rougher.

When FCN coach kollner sees his team on 3. January will gather again to prepare them for the second half in the bundesliga, then he will show them how the team, himself included, will manage to shorten the gap. With 17 games left to play and only four points separating us from the bottom of the league, everyone involved will believe in a club comeback.

Andreas bornemann: we’re not going to capitulate now

One day before christmas eve, andreas bornemann, the sports director of the 1. FC nurnberg, our newspaper reviews the FCN’s first half of the season in the fubball bundesliga. His analysis puts past performance in relation to the club’s financial and structural capabilities. We have summarized the most important statements by andreas bornemann.

Andreas bornemann…

…About the last place in the table and the number of points:

Of course we are not satisfied with eleven points.

…About the initial situation before the start of the season:

We went into the season with the expectation that the season would be very difficult, that we would have to get a lot of things right, that a lot of things would have to fit together if you wanted to score points in the league. We have not assumed that we will be saved in the winter.

…About the opportunities available:

We must always manage to look at the season from the perspective of where we come from and what opportunities we have.

…About the strong of the league:

We have not received a single point as a gift, we have not gained a single point happily. We’ve earned the points we’ve got.

…About positive approaches and group behavior:

We must make a major effort in the second round to make up for lost ground. But we have seen a lot of things and approaches that make us confident. We need to do many things better as a group, and minimize the overall number of mistakes that put us on the losing track.

…About the financial aspects and their possible consequences for the club:

Of course, it’s always a balancing act for us; for the last three years, it’s been a rough balancing act to get things done. But we are not going to capitulate now. This will be the last thing we will do. But it also means that we will continue on our way.

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