Chance of an award

Chance of an award

The town of bischofsheim already has all the prerequisites to offer guests and recreation-seekers a vacation close to nature. Gentle tourism has always been practiced in bischofsheim. The location in the middle of the biosphere reserve, with the kreuzberg in the center, a variety of gastronomy, direct marketing, a good tourism infrastructure for hiking and mountain biking are available. Bischofsheim has what it takes to become the first "nature village bavaria’s kurt.

The idea of using the term "nature experience village" was born the idea of providing the town of bischofsheim with a high-profile certification came from ludwig hartmann, the parliamentary group leader of "bundnis 90/die grunen" in the bavarian state parliament. He wanted to make nature vacations in bavaria’s low mountain ranges salonfahig. Following the example of the "bergsteigerdorfers the german alpine association is to "experience nature" offer a balance between the protection of nature and the cultural landscape and an environmentally friendly tourism.

Delgation of the greens was there

With the idea of bischofsheim as a "nature experience village a spokesman for the landtagsgrunen approached city councilman manfred markert to award the prize. Internally it was decided that the tourism representatives of the city council should take care of the topic. Klaus seiffert and christian enders were happy to take up the ball. Klaus seiffert has been in contact with the greens for more than a year regarding a meeting, which unfortunately could not take place in 2020 because of corona.

Burgermeister georg seiffert and klaus seiffert were now able to bury a delegation of the grunen from the bavarian state parliament in bischofsheim. Ludwig hartmann and paul knoblach were joined by christian zwanziger (mdl) and district councilor klara may. Manuela rottmann (mdb) apologizes due to the current coalition negotiations in berlin.

Mayor georg seiffert and klaus seiffert presented bischofsheim with its nature conservation and environmental issues, tourist treasures and gems. The biodiversity center, the kreuzberg with the monastery and farm, but also multispecies grazing on the himmeldunkberg, the natural forest reserve stengerts, the wood sculpting school, the home economics school, the diverse gastronomy, the direct marketing and the church bandwidth and the associations have lighthouse quality.

Ludwig hartmann was impressed

"We are diverse and cordial", the mayor got to the point. However, he placed special emphasis on the inner development of bischofsheim and its districts, which on the one hand serves climate protection and on the other hand preserves the lively town centers.

Ludwig hartmann was very impressed by bischofsheim and the path already taken.

He already became aware of bischofsheim in 2018. In the run-up to the state election, there was a TV duel with minister-president markus soder. Hartmann also made the proposal for a joint hike in franconia. Mayor seiffert and district administrator thomas habermann immediately took up the ball and invited the two politicians to the district, more specifically to bischofsheim.

Now hartmann was in bischofsheim without the minister-president to present his idea. When people think of hiking, they almost automatically think of the alps in bavaria. Hartmann, however, did not only want to look at the south of bavaria, but to take a look at the entire diversity of the state and especially at the north.


Similar to the mountaineering villages, the "nature experience villages" are to be developed to be certified. A special brand is to be established, which not everyone can get. It is important to him that his idea is carried beyond the political level and into the relevant associations. He has already made contact with the bavarian hiking association, the federation for nature conservation, the state association for the protection of birds and the nature friends of bavaria. It is being considered that the certification will be handled by the bavarian hiking association.

No mass tourism

The three "mountain climbers" have been awarded by the german alpine association (DAV) and are financially required by the free state of bavaria. They do without cable cars, snow cannons and other technical developments of the mountain nature, they pay attention to regional economic cycles and are committed to their farmers. Ludwig hartmann wants to establish a similar concept in the bavarian low mountain ranges. No mass tourism, but classical local recreation in nature.

The next step is for the bavarian government to take up the issue. "We need the state government for the concept, it won’t work without financial resources", so hartmann. But he was confident that this path would be followed, because nature-friendly tourism and the idea of sustainability had arrived. "It needs places like bischofsheim, which want to go the way."

In addition to bischofsheim, he had already contacted friedenfels in the district of tirschenreuth (upper palatinate), which could also be considered for such an award.

Original and lasting

Mayor georg seiffert at the end of the day’s visit: "the meeting and the idea for nature experience villages, which arose from the mountaineering villages, can basically be buried. At the same time i can state that many many communities in the county and the rhon have been successfully practicing this orientation for a long time together with the deputies, the county, the authorities, the government of lower franconia and the people in our country. We can confidently say that we can compete with all regions. We were able to demonstrate this impressively today. We in the rhon biosphere reserve make it easy – original and sustainable."

And klaus seiffert also drew a positive conclusion: "now the bavarian state government is being asked to take up the idea of the nature experience villages. This has created a counterpart in the north of bavaria to the very popular mountain villages already established in the alpine region and has also strengthened tourism in the bavarian low mountain ranges. I see bischofsheim, with its fantastic location in the heart of the rhon, as an ideal candidate and pioneer on the way to becoming a nature experience village."

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