Cross-country skiing oldies angerer and teichmann attacked

cross-country skiing oldies angerer and teichmann attacked

Angerer competes in the skiathlon on saturday, teichmann starts in the team sprint. Both are not unhappy about this, especially since they have one goal in common: the duo is eager to prove its class even at the advanced age of over 30.

"The skiathlon, that’s my favorite race. Mass start and both styles are exactly what i like. So I prepared myself intensively for it," says angerer before his first world cup appearance, looking extremely tidy. Not the best experience with both the discipline and the world championship venue. "Ten years ago i had my world championship debut here. I missed out on a medal in the sprint, finishing fourth, and in the skiathlon I had a broken stick," says the 35-year-old.

But that’s all water under the bridge, especially since the past few years have seen some successes in the fleimstal valley. Here angerer became the first overall winner of the tour de ski, here he won a 30-kilometer mass start on the way to his first overall world cup victory. "You don’t forget such successes," says the man from vachendorf.

The tour de ski stage at the beginning of january on the world championship course is also etched in his memory. There he came over 20 kilometers in fourth place. An obstruction by the later overall tour winner alexander legkow prevented a podium place at that time and made angerer upset. "I talked it over with him, there was no frustration left behind. And maybe this time I’ll have the luck I lacked back then," says the bavarian.

He is grateful to teichmann for his courageous performance in the classic sprint, where the thuringian reached the quarterfinals. "We have trained a lot together recently and when axel is doing well, it is also a sign for me that I can keep up," emphasizes angerer. He would have liked to run the team sprint with teichmann, but the skiathlon has priority. "Maybe i can give axel additional motivation for his race on sunday with a good race," says angerer.

Teichmann, world champion in the skiathlon in sapporo in 2007 ahead of angerer, could have imagined competing in this race as well. "But my previous performances this winter don’t entitle me to it. The others were stronger," says the man from bad lobenstein, explaining his concentration on the team sprint, which he will run together with tim tscharnke. This means that the duo that won silver at the 2010 olympics in vancouver is on the road again. "It would be presumptuous to measure ourselves against them. But the distances suit us and we are well prepared," says teichmann.

Optimism is more restrained among the ladies. In the skiathlon, the competition from norway is almost overwhelming. For that the team sprint is an option. "Of course a medal would be a dream, but everything has to be right," says denise herrmann, who finished tenth in the sprints. She competes with hanna kolb. "After all, we finished on the podium together in quebec. It’s going to be exciting," promises the oberwiesenthal native.

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