Dieter schaar likes to host statesmen

Dieter schaar likes to host statesmen

He is the mayor of a small municipality, but he has had the honor of receiving many great european statesmen: the former hungarian prime minister gyula horn, for example, the former german aubenminister hans-dietrich genscher, but also archduke otto von habsburg. "Those were special events, says dieter schaar, who as mayor of neudrossenfeld hosts an event every two years at which the fordergesellschaft fur europaische kommunikation (FEK) awards the karl IV europe medal. Lending to politicians who live the european idea.

Head of the city council since 2002
Dieter schaar, who celebrates his 60th birthday today. Celebrates his 13th birthday, is himself a seasoned local politician. He has been a member of the neudrossenfeld town council since 1984, and from 1996 to 2002 he was deputy to mayor hans bar (CSU) before being elected as his successor.

The gladbach fan
If you look beyond his political activities, you'll get to know a man who has one great passion above all: sports. Dieter schaar used to play volleyball himself, and has been a goal scorer for the TSV neudrossenfeld soccer team as a right back and attacking midfielder. As a spectator, he is now a permanent guest at the home games of the volleyball and soccer teams in the state league. He also doesn't miss many of the first fubball team's home games. Schaar, who is a die-hard fan of borussia monchengladbach, loves the stadium air. "I also like to watch games in foreign leagues when I get the chance on vacation trips.", says the mayor, who has already enjoyed the great atmosphere at prinzenpark in paris and at stamford brigde, the home of chelsea FC.

"Lovely charm"

Schaar schwarmt but not only for the fubball, but also from his neudrossenfeld. The community in the rotmain valley has an endearing charm, says the jubilarian. Schaar grew up in unterwaiz and heinersreuth and moved to the european village for love, where his wife edda and daughter christina (17) also feel at home.
Professionally, he worked for the government for many years as an administrative expert before he was elected full-time mayor. In neudrossenfeld, he has been involved in many projects in the main town and in the many suburbs over the past eleven years, which have also ensured that the community, which is conveniently located between kulmbach and bayreuth, has not lost any residents, contrary to the trend in the entire district.

A significant project
The roughest and, according to schaar, most important measure is still in progress. The redevelopment of the holzel area, which will revitalize the town center and make it more attractive. It is a unique opportunity that neudrossenfeld has seized, emphasizes the mayor, who is proud of the fact that the project, with total costs of 7.5 million euros and an own contribution of just over one million euros, "can be carried out at more than acceptable conditions," says the mayor.

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