Enjoyable musical chase

enjoyable musical chase

Gerhard deutschmann

the 2nd concert was a special event. Symphony concert of the landestheater, which took place in the coburg congress house. Hans stahli, for many years first kapellmeister at the landestheater, has already appeared in public several times with coarser orchestral works.
His latest composition, written last year – the horn concerto in G major – was commissioned by the solo horn player at the royal opera in copenhagen, claudio fluckiger, through the intercession of his horn teacher, a former fellow student of stahli’s.
The concerto formally employs the classical three-movement form and is composed in an extended tonality, whereby the skilful, refined orchestration is particularly striking to the ear. Already in the 1. The first movement (poco allegro) impresses with its lush melodies and colorful orchestration. The 2. The first movement (andante sostenuto) shows a serious note, before it attacca into the third (vivace) with the subtitle "la chasse" (the chase) goes.

The basses pluck boogie

Here the composer shows his cheerful side: the horn blares merrily, the basses pluck boogie, the cuckoo calls in the clarinets (a "trademark") stahlis also in other compositions), the bassoon sounds pleasurable, a shot pops, even a yodel is not missing, the whole orchestra provides for lively bustle and ends in an effective apotheosis.

One listened to an exemplary, carefully rehearsed premiere with the competent dedicatee claudio fluckiger, who shone with flexible tone and flawless, virtuoso technique, a superior, carefully shaping, spirited conductor johannes braun and an orchestra that mastered all the tricks of the demanding score with aplomb.


There was a long and enthusiastic applause and bravos for the present composer and the performers. I would like to wish this interesting composition a further spreading, especially since modern horn concertos are not often to be found.
The evening began with a classical work by joseph haydn, the "la chasse" symphony in D major – a deliberate juxtaposition to the neoclassical composition of stahli and the poulenc that follows at the end. Johannes braun, since the beginning of the season the new first conductor of the landestheater, conducted briskly, spiritedly, but always paying attention to dynamic differentiation and leading the brilliantly playing orchestra with a gentle unity and chamber-musical transparency.

Excursion into romanticism

After the intermission, there was an excursion into romanticism with the melodious and furious overture to "oberon by carl maria von weber, virtuously and expressively performed, and finally the four-movement sinfonietta for orchestra by francis poulenc in a passionate, inspired and musical rendition by the talented young conductor johannes braun and his sonorous and attentive orchestra.
Much applause for an altogether varied and artistically high-quality concert!

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