Four new members welcome

Four new members welcome

The kemmern town council met for the first time in its new constellation. In addition to the swearing-in of the new members, the election and swearing-in of the deputy mayor was on the agenda at this constituent meeting.

"Special circumstances require special measures", so first mayor rudiger gerst (CSU) to the aubergewohnlichen meeting in the school gymnasium in kemmern. He thanked all those involved who, despite the current corona situation, had ensured that the municipal elections went smoothly. He also thanked all the candidates who stood for election, because "democracy lives from citizen participation". The citizens’ ability to choose from among numerous candidates was exemplary in kemmern, said gerst.

At the beginning of the meeting, the four newly elected council members tobias wagner (CSU), jochen gottwald (zfk), julia schatkowski-amtmann (zfk) and helmut wild (zfk) were sworn in and welcomed to the council by gerst. This was followed by the election of the second mayor. Volker pflaum, proposed by gunter schwank (UBB), won by ten votes to five against jochen gottwald (zfk), proposed by helmut wild (zfk). In addition, there is another representative of the mayor, silvia jung (CSU) was appointed by the municipal council. Jung was also appointed senior citizen representative and accepted the mandate.

Decision still pending

The position of youth representative also needs to be filled. However, julia schatkowski-amtmann (zfk), who was proposed for the position, rejected it for both personal and pedagogical reasons. According to schatkowski-amtmann, especially in today’s world, it is necessary to work with trained teachers and educators who have experience and sound working methods in the field of children’s and youth work.

A final decision on the appointment of the office is still pending at the next meeting of the municipal council.

The municipal council will also have to deal with projects that are already underway in the new legislative period, according to gerst. For the improvement of the flood protection, measures such as financing and planning have already been taken and will be pursued in the future. The renovation of the town center will also continue with construction phases 5c and 7 (at the little brook). The multigenerational project with the new construction of a daycare center and a senior citizens’ house as well as the general renovation of the existing daycare center were also listed.

The major project of the elementary school should not be ignored. Here, the school sports facility and the outdoor area are to be redesigned, the school is to be connected to the broadband, the "digital classroom" project is to be implemented, and the school is to be expanded and the school gymnasium to be renovated for energy efficiency.

Many projects on the agenda

The wastewater connection of the kemmern clarification plant is to be connected to the bamberg clarification plant in the future. The development of the commercial area langacker and the residential area bettelweg are also on the agenda. Finally, further measures to protect against larming and the broadband situation are to be pursued, as well as soft tourism as an economic sector in the form of cycling and hiking trails and the maintenance of the historic cultural landscape.

Another item on the agenda was the adoption of rules of procedure for the new legislative period, which was the subject of lively discussion in the council. In particular, there was the question of allowing electronic media to obtain information during the meeting (this was already discussed in depth in 2016), the option of allowing listeners to speak, or the written delivery of minutes of the closed session to the councillors. But these requests were rejected.

Praise for helpfulness

The burgermeister also addressed the current corona situation. Both in public and private areas, deep cuts had to be made, and the general willingness to help in the community had to be emphasized positively.

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