From typing and dabbing

From typing and dabbing

How intuitively children handle smartphones and tablets leaves some adults amazed. It is therefore not surprising that in highly explosive discussions people ask whether children will still paint and do handicrafts at all in the future. After all, many programs can be used to implement creative ideas.

For a manufacturer of children’s paints, this question is certainly just as exciting as it is for parents, teachers and educators. The question "tap or dab?" Will have to be answered again and again in the future. But it would be too easy to demonize digital developments – both for the children’s companions and for the industry that develops and produces artists’ paints.

For this reason, the paint manufacturer kreul joined forces with the sattlertor daycare center in forchheim and began exploring the digital world together with children. And quite analogously.

What is digital? Where do we encounter the digital in everyday life?? And will we still need paints and brushes for dabbing in the future?? "Yes, because when I’m painting I can also think of something else", says one of the children, convinced that "playing computer games is cool, but you have to do some handicrafts now and again."

The annual color day, which the daycare center has been organizing with the hallerndorf-based manufacturer for several years now, was an opportunity for children to experience the virtual world in real life and look at digital media in analog form

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