Munchener freiheit now has bayreuth sanger

Munchener freiheit now has bayreuth sanger

Jorg-tim wilhelm, known as tim, enjoyed classical vocal training, is an actor and was a presenter on several TV programs on ARD, BR and RTL. He loves to move in different artistic worlds – whether as emperor franz josef in the operetta "sissy", as "action-reporter on tv or at the children’s program of the summer festival of the eremitage: tim likes to give gas – full throttle!

Even though stefan zauner said goodbye, this was not to be the end of munich freedom. The remaining band members explained: "the name and the brand munchener freiheit was made in the past 30 years by all five band members to what it is today. That’s why aron strobel, michael kunzi, rennie hatzke and alex grunwald will continue to perform live and produce cds with a new singer under this name."

The band members knew jorg-tim wilhelm through some joint studio productions. But he was not the first choice. But as often happens in life, the obvious comes at the end. "I’ve known and respected tim for many years" according to aron strobel "we have already worked together on several projects, even live several times, like in the europahalle karlsruhe in front of thousands of fans. In my memory tim was still 18 years old. The fact that he is now old and has moved on is something i first had to realize."

Too mude to understand

"after we had talked, i called tim at 8 o’clock in the morning", smiles micha kunzi.
And tim, not really fully asleep yet, didn’t understand what it’s all about at first. "In any case, I was really looking forward to it", remembers tim "but at first i thought it was just a matter of us meeting again. When i became aware of the offer, i felt insanely honored.

Nevertheless i asked for time to think about it, because i have great respect for the performance of the munchener freiheit. I never thought if I was too young for the band, more if my voice would fit and if I could be a worthy successor."

Today, one can only advise everyone to see for themselves the new munchener freiheit. Whoever can, should definitely visit one of the concerts. The first joint album is already in production.

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