New start after 36 years with matthias dusel

New start after 36 years with matthias dusel

Sulzfeld has a new mayor. Matthias dusel from the sulzfeld municipal list prevailed on sunday with 502 votes or 63.9 percent against wolfgang patzwahl from the pro sulzfeld electoral association. The agricultural engineer was elected by 283, or 32.1 percent of the sulzfeld electorate. Dusel replaces gerhard schenkel, who headed the winegrowing community for 36 years and is the longest-serving mayor in the district of kitzingen. The voter turnout was 74 percent. Of 1056 eligible voters, 785 went to the polls.

"I am overjoyed", said dusel in the evening after the announcement of the results in front of the town hall. Now the tension of the last few weeks will be released, says the father of four children. "We have done a lot", said the chief officer, referring to brochures, seven events and eleven publications. His "good feeling", he spoke on friday before the election did not change it. Nevertheless, the 51-year-old was a little surprised by the relatively clear result. "Now I’m just looking forward to it", he said, and then it’s time to get to work. It is important to build bridges in the near future and to lead sulzfeld into the future.

Patzwahl: "I’m excited about what’s to come"

"The electorate has decided", wolfgang patzwahl stated nuchtern after the results were announced.

The agricultural engineer had already congratulated the new incumbent. The 53-year-old emphasized the election campaign, which was marked by many and sometimes difficult factual issues. Both lists had clearly positioned themselves, the sulzfelders had been able to decide.

The community faces rough tasks after patzwahl’s statement. The father of two children assumed that he would be on the municipal council. There he will follow with interest how the new mayor, who is heavily involved in his work, will tackle these challenges. "I am excited about what is coming", so patzwahl.

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