Red wine from france inspires jury in asia

red wine from france inspires jury in asia

Bavaria is not necessarily famous for its coarse red wines. Instead, the franconians are thrilling with their female wines. 80 percent of the fermented juice in the free state comes from weiben grapes. But the winemakers of the red grape seem to be on the advance – albeit slowly. At an international wine competition in asia, a winemaker from lower franconia beat 39 other red wines with his spatburgunder. The competition came from france and the united states, among others – the world’s great spatburgunder nations, ahead of germany.

The best pinot noir of the "germany vs. The world" comes from burgstadt (district miltenberg) from the winery furst. His spatburgunder from the 2006 vintage wowed the asian wine experts on the jury. They tasted 20 german and 20 international wines. The german wines were selected by the german wine institute, which initiated the blind tasting. The international wines, on the other hand, were selected by the jury itself, which chose red wines that had already scored points in many competitions.

"We are very happy about this award – especially since it was a very serious tasting with high quality wines", paul furst told the dpa news agency. His secret recipe is quickly described: "you need the right grape variety, the right soil, you have to be very industrious, work a lot in the vineyard, have good barrels, bring along technical know-how and have competent employees. If all this fits, then it will also be a good wine", according to furst, who runs the winery together with his son and his wife. He has been winning prestigious competitions with his wines for many years, and in 2003 he was named "winemaker of the year" by the restaurant guide gault millau kurt.

For the french winegrowers association, furst and his family are "valuable thinkers and role models for the whole region", says president artur steinmann. Wine consultant hermann mengler from the district of lower franconia also speaks of an important respect success. He was even able to draw an initial award for the red wine in france. However, not in all of franconia, but only west of the spessart region, i.E. On the lower main river.
"East of the spessart, the franconian has a female wine gene in him", says the wine expert.

This is mainly due to the soil and the climate. West of the spessart there is mainly variegated sandstone, which is very sandy and warms up more easily. This gives more warmth to the grapevine. In addition, the climate in the lower main region is more mediterranean than on the other side of the spessart. "And red wine varieties are de facto children of the sun."

In recent years, the share of red wines in bavaria has increased slightly. Ten years ago, the share of cultivated land was around 13 percent; now it is already 20 percent. The winegrowers are focusing primarily on the domina and spatburgunder varieties. However, mengler does not believe that the share will grow even more strongly. "I would call this a flash in the pan. There are already some good things here in terms of red wine, and the heart still beats red in the lower main region. But the female wine remains the variety frankens."

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