The “hupfinsel” is coming in its second attempt after all

At the meeting of the building and environment senate in september, a planned central island in coburg-neuses was not approved because of the costs of around 120,000 euros. Provided with a detailed list of the construction costs, the senate, which was so cost-conscious and critical of the costs just four weeks ago, now unanimously voted in favor of the crossing aid or "honking island" without any discussion from.
In the castle meeting neuses on 16. June last year, the coburg-neuses burgerverein drew attention to the many fubgangers who walk along gutenbergstrabe parallel to friedrich-ruckert-strabe. On the one hand, they are school children on their way to the elementary school in neuses, and on the other hand, they are employees of the kaeser company.
The road is risky because of the bending gutenbergstrabe, which has right of way and is nine meters wide there. On the one hand, the right-of-way regulation is to be changed, so that on friedrich-ruckert-strabe right-of-way prevails. A traffic survey has shown that the traffic distribution has changed and the main direction of travel is clearly via friedrich-ruckert-strabe. In addition, a median island is to be constructed and gutenbergstrabe is to join friedrich-ruckertstrabe at a right angle. This will make it possible to enlarge the island at the mouth of the river and create a pathway to the river. "Currently there is no such thing", according to katja link from the city planning department.
The reconstruction was coordinated within the administration as well as with the police and the burghers' association. Gerhard knoch of the coburg waste disposal and construction company did not have to read out his detailed list of all the cost items for the conversion. "Without the central island, the costs amount to 105,000 euros", said bone. If you take comparable projects and past tenders into account, the costs add up to the 120,000 euros mentioned. "The mouse does not leave a thread", he affirmed. 

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