Vhs art exhibition attracts little interest

vhs art exhibition attracts little interest

An interesting exhibition in the town museum attracts little attention. "You are the first and probably the only visitor today", have it at the cash. And yet the exhibition has changed a little every now and then since the vernissage, as the artists swap pictures every now and then.
For the course instructor, it was important to try out material, to look for solutions, and for the course participants to perceive themselves and look for the most varied of solutions. The result was a variety of pictures, as well as surprising and convincing exhibits.
Among others, works of albrecht durer, marc chagall or franz marc served as a basis and the result were convincing exhibits. In the gewolbekeller are also community works on display and the twelve participants had the task to create only a part of a picture after a black and white template. In the end, the pieces, like a "puzzle", were put together put together and a complete work of art was created. Some of the paintings by participants who have been taking the course for two years show more than just "hobby painting."

Only once more
Last chance to see the exhibition is on the second christmas holiday from 2 to 5 p.M. At the stadtmuseum am kirchenplatz, a guided tour takes place at 3 p.M.

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