200 Doses inoculated at the “vaccine drive-in” in popppenlauer

200 doses inoculated at the 'vaccine drive-in' in popppenlauer

So many cars rolled on the 11. December from the ludwigstrabe in the direction of the poppenlaurer festhalle, that even the voluntary fire department of the local part was locally, in order to regulate the traffic. The inmates all wanted to get a corona shot. Handouts had alerted residents of the community to the vaccination date. The joint practice bettina and dr. Uwe born (poppenlauer) and dr. Diethard dittmar (mabbach) vaccinated. The event was organized by market councillors diethard dittmar, felix neunhoeffer, susanne ziegler, winfried streit, thorsten ort and achim bieber. Members of the poppenlauer volunteer fire department and other volunteers assisted in the campaign.

It was supposed to start at 9 a.M., but long before that, drivers, many with passengers, were already lining up. They love to register first, and after the paperwork they were informed about the possible consequences of the vaccination. Then it was on to the second station. There it then cut the left or right arm free, there was a sting and everything was done. However, all vaccinated were required to stay on site for a quarter of an hour first.

Fubgangers also vaccinated

Naturally, the doctors vaccinated not only car drivers with their passengers, but also fubgangers. For them, everything was prepared in the festival hall and proceeded practically in the same way as for the car drivers.

"I find it very gratifying that such an action is being carried out in our village, hopefully this will encourage one or two people to get vaccinated after all", said one citizen. Another praised "everything was well organized and the vaccination did not hurt at all". One man was pleased "it’s great that something like this is possible through private initiatives," says eva scheufler.

Diethard dittmar was very satisfied with the way the vaccination campaign went: "everything went like clockwork and worked out very well. Many thanks also to the volunteer fire department, which contributed a lot to the success". He reported that at the beginning of the action there were still small traffic jams on the way to the hall. However, those who only approached the festival hall towards the end were immediately taken to the front of the line.

In total, more than 200 interested people loved to be vaccinated on saturday. 90 percent of them were, as expected, people who wanted to have their third vaccination. Diethard dittmar informed that on 22. Another vaccination campaign is planned for january next year. It is to take place again in the festival hall in poppenlauer.

Munnerstadt is also planning a similar action next weekend.

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