20000 Copies: the emergency folder of the district is reissued

20000 copies: the emergency folder of the district is reissued

"Even at the klinikum rechts der isar in munich, the doctors were delighted when i brought the emergency folder with me." This is what marianne raps from pegnitz, a patient of the pottenstein internist dr. Gabriele brutting, who had the idea of publishing an emergency folder with all the important information for first-aiders.

This idea was then taken up by the district of forchheim, where – with the support of many sponsors – an emergency folder with 10,000 pieces was published for the first time in october 2017. This was so well received that all copies are now out of stock. So it was time for a new edition with some additions. The result was a new emergency folder, which the head of the "gesundheitsregion plus" (health region plus) explained, barbel matiaske, and initiator gabriele brutting introduced.

Because the doctor, who lives and practices in kleingesee, now also has a practice in pottenstein, the forchheim emergency folder is being extended to the district of bayreuth. At least dr. Brutting’s patients. Like rudolf eckert from the pottenstein suburb of leienfels, who has had this emergency folder for a year. "I’m glad I haven’t used it yet, but you feel safer if you have it with you at home or on vacation", says eckert.

If something happens and you can no longer speak for yourself, the first-aider on the scene can see whether the patient is diabetic, whether and which medications or blood thinners have been taken, or whether there are other special features that the emergency physician should already know about. A sticker to put on the mailbox or the door of the apartment is also important, so that the sanitarians know right away to look for an emergency folder.

Ideally, this should be at home right next to the telephone. In addition to the medication schedule, copies of the doctor’s letter from the last hospital stay, an overview of the illnesses, an allergy, vaccination, implant or maternity passport, the organ donor card, the patient and care proxy and the health care proxy should also be included. The patient was also asked to indicate whether he was visually impaired, severely deaf or hard of hearing, and whether he smoked or drank alcohol regularly.

The emergency folder, which has been reissued in 20,000 copies, is available free of charge with a sticker from all general practitioners and specialists, pharmacies, clinics and other cooperation partners in the district of forchheim. And also in the practice of gabriele brutting in pottenstein.

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