Biathlete arnd pfeiffer as guest in neuenmarkt

biathlete arnd pfeiffer as guest in neuenmarkt

How is your preparation going at the moment and how intensive is your training??
Arnd peiffer: we have just finished a long training phase and are so to speak in the final stages of preparation. We will fly to lapland at the beginning of november and there we will prepare for three weeks of snow. Apart from that we have been training hard in the ski hall in oberhof, and the preparations are actually going very well, i got through the season in good health and was able to implement the training scope as i had imagined it. What they will be worth, we will only see in the course of the season, but I am in good spirits.

What goal are you working towards in the upcoming winter season??
Well, the times are over that you only prepare for the world championships, because you have such a strong team and you already have to perform in the first world cup to qualify for the world championships, so to speak. That means you have to be in shape from december to march. Of course, she is subject to certain fluctuations, but there is no specific race that I prepare for, but I want to perform well throughout the season and that is my goal.

How does the competition look like in your own country?
Very good! We had the german championship in september, among other things in oberhof, and that is held on ski rollers and is also the qualification for the world cup and IBU cup. Since you have already seen that many young athletes from the bottom so to speak print and want to make us the places disputed. This is also very good, we have a lot of competition and we have to constantly reassert ourselves. This also raises the quality of the team. We currently have a homogeneous world cup team consisting of six people. Everyone has the potential to make it to the podium, and that’s a great strength for us.

Biathlon sport is becoming more and more popular. The atmosphere at the competitions is similar to that at the six-day races. How do you manage to concentrate on pushing after an exhausting run??
Yes, of course you grow into it a little bit, so you can concentrate on the pushing, that’s enough for you. One runs yes many races, there it brings simply the experience, in order to change here. Everybody has to find his own rhythm and make his own experience. It works, if you just concentrate on the activities at the push stand.

Sometimes you can get a bit carried away by the atmosphere. The atmosphere in the stadium is always great, but of course you can also get carried away on the track, especially in the last lap. Apart from that, you have to run a race in a very controlled manner and, despite being cheered on, you must neither give too much in the first laps, nor must you work too hastily at the push stand, but must work in a very concentrated and controlled manner. But of course this is also a learning process. But you can also learn that. You can’t turn off the mood, but you can try to get rid of it a little bit.

What are your strengths in the biathlon sport??
I think I’m a pretty balanced biathlete. My strengths were so far more on the somewhat shorter distances. Those have been my best races so far, but as my training progresses i notice that i’m getting better and better at the longer distances as well, and last year i did the odd 20-kilometer run as well. I think that in the meantime, in order to get in front, you really can’t afford to be weak and you have to be good in all areas.

Mr. Peiffer, in cycling the bomb burst with the multiple tour-de-france winner lance armstrong and he was convicted of doping.

Is it still possible to expect clean performances in today’s competitive sport and can success at world level be achieved at all without performance-enhancing substances??
Clearly, otherwise I would not be sitting here! An endurance athlete is always at risk of doping, that is also quite clear. But you can’t do anything else but control strongly. There is no nation in the world that is so strongly controlled by the national doping agency as germany. I have to show where I am every day, at all times online. I have to make a test reservation every day for doping controls, and I am regularly controlled at home: blood, urine, the full program.

German athletes are bound to a very narrow grid, which is of course not always the case internationally. The germans are also a bit ahead of the game. You can’t do more than that, and I would like to say that not every good performance should automatically be treated with suspicion. I think it’s important to start with the presumption of innocence. I believe that winter sports, especially us, are not as contaminated as cycling is. There were already doping cases of russian athletes three years ago. It’s a matter of continuing in this way and always keeping a close eye on things, so that we can prove that we are doing something against doping, so that the sport remains clean. I say quite clearly that the successes are possible without performance-enhancing substances, otherwise I wouldn’t do it.

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