City renovates school and upgrades places

City renovates school and upgrades places

In time for the end of the current session, the city council of konigsberg approved the 2020 budget on tuesday evening in the main hall of the city hall, in accordance with the rules for meetings. After the budget had already been discussed in detail in a non-public meeting, the approval went quickly and smoothly over the stage. Without discussion, all members of the city council approved the budget resolution.

Good figures

The many figures were presented alternately by mayor claus bittenbrunn (CSU) and city chamberlain gabriele blank-henk. The reason for the unanimous approval was also that the budget of the city looks tidy.

Whereby mayor bittenbrunn pointed out that the draft budget was adopted despite the current economic situation in germany, which is difficult to assess in advance, in order to be able to act, and imponderables are not foreseeable. "We have to see how we can deal with this. Maybe this year we will also need a supplementary budget at some point.", according to bittenbrunn, who praised the administration, with managing director johannes mucke and city chamberlain gabriele blank-henk: "both have once again done a very good job here."

The budget has a volume of 14380,426 euros. Of this, the administrative budget accounts for 8,877,488 euros and the property budget for 5,502,938 euros. According to planning, the total debt will increase from the current 1,516,000 euros to around 1,542,000 euros at the end of the year.

The roughest investments in 2020 are: renovation of the elementary school with 800,000 euros, the village renewal of holzhausen with 700,000 euros, the redesign (village square, hugelmauer, friedhofsweg) in altershausen with 541,500 euros and the road drainage of junkersdorf with 400,000 euros.

At 417 euros per capita, the debt level of 2014 (998 euros) has been more than halved, said the chamber’s gabriele blank-henk. However, the head of the city commented on the pleasing development by stating that it could not be the goal to achieve a per capita debt of zero euros. Investments also had to be made, which of course cost money, he said.

The rates for property tax, which are 350 points for both agricultural and forestry operations (property tax A) and for real estate (property tax B), were not changed. The amount of the trade tax also continues to be 350.

The financial plan for 2019 to 2023, which includes the village renewals in altershausen, dorflis, holzhausen and hellingen, the hellingen through road, the extension of romerhofer weg and the general renovation of the school in konigsberg, was also approved without a dissenting vote. In addition, there are a number of rehabilitation inspections for various sewer sections and water pipes in the city area and the second expansion phase of the broadband network. A new rake must be procured for the clearing plant in romershofen and the access road to the recycling center in konigsberg must be constructed.

Further points

In addition to the budget, the city council dealt with other topics on tuesday evening. An existing photovoltaic plant in altershausen is to be expanded. The operator is the "photovoltaic altershausen". The area of the entire property currently covers 2.3619 hectares.

The city council took note of the planning and is ready to initiate the necessary procedure.

In the state forest and in the city forest around konigsberg it had to be determined that by the gypsy moth many trees are damaged. In order to prevent further spreading, the pests are to be combated from the air in the foreseeable future, announced mayor claus bittenbrunn. When and in which area, will be announced in time. The city council agreed.

Mayor claus bittenbrunn announced that the town hall in konigsberg from 4. May will again be open to the public – in compliance with the precautionary hygiene inspections set because of corona. Among other things, a mouth guard has to be worn.

He also informed that the whitsun festival in konigsberg with all its events before and after it will not take place. All other major events, including the rose fair and the castle festival planned for the end of august, have also been cancelled.

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