Coronavirus in the district of bad kissingen: first confirmed case

Coronavirus in the district of bad kissingen: first confirmed case

First case of coronavirus in the district of bad kissingen. This was confirmed by the district administration on thursday afternoon (5. Mar 2020). The sick person is a 26 year old man. The man probably contracted the disease during a vacation in italy. He was skiing in lombardy with a belgian travel group. The northern italian region was not yet a danger zone at the time of his arrival.

When he returned home on saturday, he already showed some symptoms of the disease. "He had a fever of up to 39 degrees", heibt es von carolin muller* (name changed), the mother of the young man. As a result, the family placed themselves under house arrest. They set up a neutral zone in the house so that food and drinks could be handed over to the son without risk. Hans muller* (name changed) did not know for sure that he was ill until thursday morning.

Regular consultation

"The health department called us on thursday and said that hans test is positive", says its mother to this editorial office. Lena pfister, responsible for press and public relations in the district office, confirms this. "We should now keep a diary in which we write down the symptoms such as fever and cough, muller names a requirement by the authorities. In addition, the office wants to contact the family every day to find out how they are doing. The health authorities classify carolin muller and the 26-year-old’s brother, who gave him a lift in the car, as being at risk. On the other hand, the girlfriend of the older brother, who had no contact with hans muller, is not considered to be in danger. Both the brother and carolin muller therefore had to be tested for the virus. The test was taken by the family’s general practitioner on thursday afternoon. The results were still pending at the time of going to press. Carolin muller and the brother of hans must now stay in the house and avoid crowds on the orders of the health department. This is to limit the spread of the corona virus.

Several days to the result

The path to diagnosis took some time for the family, however. "Since monday we have been looking for an opportunity to test hans", says his mother.

Because of the symptoms, the mullers contacted, among others, the health authorities and hans’ family doctor. The latter pulled out all the stops to allow him to test the system. Because the family was in uncertainty, they also contacted the on-call medical service on monday. On wednesday, the latter wanted to send a team of doctors from munich to the region to take samples of hans. However, this step was no longer necessary. The family doctor took over the test after the clinic canceled.

In a press release from the district office on the confirmed corona case, the authority asks the population to remain calm. There is no reason to close schools, daycare centers or public areas. A service telephone is to be set up for the weekend. The number had not yet been determined at the time of going to press.

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