District of forchheim: that’s why rudolf braun is running again after all

district of forchheim: that's why rudolf braun is running again after all

After 24 years as mayor of weibenohe, rudolf braun actually wanted to retire. Unless no candidate could be found, he was persuaded to run again, if only out of responsibility to the community. Now a possible candidate has been found in michael neubert (interest group "schones lillachtal"). At the meeting of the electoral community of workers (WGA) weibenohe-village house, rudolf braun spoke of stories that had come before, and that he did not want "everything to go down the drain". But what does braun mean by this? It was assumed that this was in connection with the possible candidate for mayor, michael neubert. But brown waved. As he emphasized at the election meeting, he is only concerned about the demographic development and the challenges it poses. After no adequate municipal councilor was willing to run for office and no candidates could be found in advance, mayor braun was persuaded to run again. Because the projects that have already been started are designed for the demographic development of the community. This would begin with the chorus center and the surrounding design of the monastery brewery and the old village of weibenohe (barrier-free expansion), as was the case with the redesign of the "plarrer" is already the case. "We just have to take into account that there are more and more elderly people. Many tourists also come to weibenohe", declares brown. For this purpose, appropriate traffic regulations are needed. The trend is currently in calmed traffic zones. "We started down this path a few years ago, and it will certainly take another election period to implement it completely", says braun. When it comes to community development, the mayor must lead the way. It was the relationships that braun had been able to build up over the years that had been decisive in winning him over again for this office. Already 20 percent of citizens over 65 years old. In ten years, there will be even more. But also the birth years, which have been going on for some years now, had to be taken into account. Because it is important to maintain the infrastructure. The increase in the number of births affects the development of daycare centers. Every child has a right to a daycare place. "Is the kindergarten sufficient? Are there also enough places in the nursery", braun cites the pressing issues that need to be addressed. These questions continued. "How will the school landscape develop?? Are there enough classrooms available? Many elementary schools have been abandoned, and is the secondary school in grafenberg sufficient?, brown continues to pay.

With retirement, more people will live in the municipalities and pay only the property tax. But the infrastructure – water, canal, kindergartens – must be maintained. And care places for the elderly are needed. "These are the giant prerequisites for the communities. We have achieved a lot in the infrastructure sector in the past five to ten years, emphasizes braun. "The smaller a place is, the bigger the role of the individual burger we have to take with us," says braun, the acting mayor confirms. Rudolf braun mentions another goal: away from individual traffic, towards the opnv, of which he is the spokesman for the district of forchheim. The municipality has already committed itself to nature conservation and has already worked its own areas in the past in the way that is now required.

Pilot project

Weibenohe is taking part in a pilot project initiated by the A 9/franconian switzerland economic belt association. This is called "inter-municipal compensation management" and deals with ecological compensation areas for new building areas. The municipalities are a kind of company, contribute their land to a pool and can buy land when it is needed. While some communities have little space available, there are also communities that have a lot to offer. Last but not least, rudolf braun mentions the strengthening of voluntary work. "That’s important, otherwise small municipalities can’t survive," says braun, affirms braun. So these are the stories that were hinted at beforehand and which were decisive for him to run for mayor again.

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