Early start: first frogs and hedgehogs are already on the move

As the local group forchheim of the bundes naturschutz (BN) informs, observations had shown that the first frogs and hedgehogs are on the move. That’s weeks too early compared to average years.

"We ask the car drivers for increased attention and consideration. Reduced speed gives amphibians the opportunity to cross the road", writes the BN.

Piles of leaves still left

Garden owners are also called upon not to remove leaves yet, as there may be hedgehog roosts under them. It would be best to move the compost pile only carefully and not before the end of march. Feeding in spring helps starved hedgehogs quickly and effectively. For example, a mixture of cat food, dry hedgehog food and unrooted ruhrei is suitable as hedgehog feed. Fruit, on the other hand, is not suitable.

The BN also points out: offer only water – never milk – to drink! Because hedgehogs can not digest lactose.

Protect from cats

To protect water and food from cats and birds, a small box is suitable, which is provided with two ten by ten centimeter coarse entrance holes; or an upside down fruit box is placed on top. Leftover food must be cleaned up in the morning.

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