Fc can play a good role

Fc can play a good role

Sebastian neubauer

they’re still there. This or something similar could be heard by those who have followed the youngest football history of the FC pommersfelden. The A-class team always played for promotion, but failed either because of the opponents or because of their own nerves. And this season?
FC pommersfelden is one of those teams that many had long suspected to be one division higher. In fact, the A-class player of the often missed the jump to the district class conceivably narrowly. After the promotion of wachenroth and muhlhausen, who were very dominant in the previous season, the cards were reshuffled in A-class 1. FC pommersfelden holds an ace in the hole?
Attitude and concentration are decisive in order to be able to intervene in the fight for promotion in the long term. What roland kleebauer says. The 29-year-old player-coach wants to contribute to a successful season for the promotion contenders with his goals. So far, his team has been reasonably consistent. Of the first four games, only one was lost. And this against our direct competitor FC frimmersdorf. In an interview with our partner portal anpfiff.Info spoke to roland kleebauer about the start of the season, the factors for success and his promotion favorites.

Seven points from four games. How do you rate the start to the season?
Roland kleebauer: we switched against frimmersdorf. We were probably too sure, since it went against frimmersdorf in the past always well and it was also this time somehow go well. Frimmersdorf rightly punished.

I am satisfied with the remaining four games.

After the departure of muhlhausen and wachenroth – their hour has come this season?
That will be up to us and whether we have learned from our weak phases of the last season. If we approach every game with the right attitude and concentrate on our tasks, we can play a good role.

You have been at pommersfelden for a good three years and have always just missed promotion. What makes you optimistic that this year will be different??
Our squad is much rougher than in previous years, so there is no lack of good alternatives in any position and we can better compensate for absences.

What has been missing in the past years to actually move up??
Three years ago, altendorf and lisberg played in their own league, so to speak. Two years ago, we were very consistent against weaker teams, but failed to win our top games at the crucial stage of the season. Last season, we had two very long weak phases and thus deprived ourselves of all opportunities.

The forward duo lukas gumbrecht and roland kleebauer repeat the fabulous season of the 2015/16 season?
We scored a lot of goals then, but not in the decisive games. With this shortcoming and the missed promotion, I don’t want to talk about a fabulous season. Overall, I believe that our goals this season will be distributed among more players than in the past. Whoever scores the goals in the end is of absolutely secondary importance to me, as long as we play right up to the end and don’t end the season at the start of the second half, as we did last season.

Who do you see as the main competitors for promotion??
Frimmersdorf, priesendorf, trailsdorf and ampferbach.

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