Jubilee camp at the kronach school center is fully booked

jubilee camp at the kronach school center is fully booked

The sun is already bringing temperatures close to the 30-degree mark in the late morning, but the eight- to 14-year-olds don't let that slow down their zest for action. In one group they compete in a game of two against two, others try their hand at the drop kick, and in the third group, the focus is on the header.

Even after a very short time, you can see that the vacation fubball school of the bavarian fubball association has lost none of its appeal. In 2004, it was offered for the first time in the kronach district, at that time still in ziegelerden. The soccer camp is now held at the kronach school center. It's the tenth one, and it's been booked out for weeks with 69 boys and girls from the years 1999 to 2005.
"40 participants were our goal, but they had already registered after four weeks", says lorenz richter, who has been a co-initiator and organizer from the very beginning. "Then we increased to 60. Now there are 69 of them, and there have even been numerous inquiries."

Bavaria-wide at the top
With this number of participants, kronach is in second place in bavaria, without having to advertise grossly. Richter: "whoever has been with us once has always liked it so far. We benefit from word-of-mouth propaganda."

Word has long since got around that the young kickers have a lot to look forward to. It starts with the basic equipment (jersey, shorts, socks, soccer ball, water bottle and full rations). According to lorenz richter, it is crucial that they are always coached by licensed trainers. Some have been with the company from the beginning, such as anita petermann, franz bauer and franz ruppert. Others like markus fischer, the new head of the junior training center in coburg, and christian karl have joined in over the past few years.

This year, steffen mahr is taking part for the first time, and he is just as committed to training the youngsters and girls. "With this number of qualified trainers we can guarantee a targeted training for our proteges", says lorenz richter. On the other hand, he also knows that this would not be so easy with even more participants.

During the individual exercises, the trainers repeatedly give tips, explain, correct, and spur us on. And in view of the heat, of course, also provide for the necessary fruit and drink breaks. This year, a water slide and biathlon in the sports hall offer a welcome change in addition to the speed measuring system. "Boredom does not come up with us", female lorenz judge. "The children have their spab, they are challenged and challenged. And they themselves know very well when they need a break."

Four training sessions were scheduled for tuesday in total. On wednesday, the boys and girls can again take the DFB-fubball badge. Training break on thursday. Then we will go by bus and private car to the indoor playground in nurnberg.

Show training on friday
On friday the fubballcamp ends with two tournaments, the show-training for the parents and with the award ceremony. Then the respective "players of the day" are also announced, the coaches nominate, awarded with a trophy.

Lorenz richter is grateful for the support of bianca kulkens, julian potzinger and thilo doppel and also for the reliable catering by the pizza service. And because he can count on a qualified coaching staff and on energetic help with the organization, the jubilee camp will not be the last one.

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