Marktleugast shoots record for eternity

Marktleugast shoots record for eternity

The result is a record for eternity: the shooters from marktleugast gisela schneider, egon barth and rainer gilke hit 1199 of 1200 possible rings. A fabulous best performance for the schutzengau northeast.

At the fourth round competition in the gauliga northeast against the team of the ZST-SG weidensgrun I, the first mounted team of the schutzengesellschaft marktleugast presents itself in top form. Of all things against weidensgrun, because the opponent is the previous record holder with 1196 rings. On the marktleugast side, gisela schneider and rainer gilke each contributed a sensational 400 rings to the result, egon barth 399 rings.

64-year-old gisela schneider is the team’s most experienced protector. Since 1967 in munchberg in the guardian class free standing active, she has taken a break of 20 years due to health reasons, before she begins three years ago again with the pushing sport and two years ago to the SG marktleugast changed, where she pays to the first gauliga team. "The record was a unique experience for us. On that evening, everything just fell into place, but there was certainly a bit of luck involved", she is pleased.

Rainer gilke (66) has only been pushing for four years and has been one of marktleugast’s mounted guardians from the very beginning. Already twice gau and district champion, he takes 5th place in dortmund in 2010.

Place at the german championship. When asked what his next goal is, he says, "anything, but it doesn’t have to be the schutzenkonig in marktleugast."

Since 1970, 55-year-old egon barth has been an active player for his sg marktleugast – in the guard class, of course. He has only come to the hang-up in the current round-robin series. Barth has already competed at bavarian and german championships in the schutzen class.

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