Rents, housing, cultural hall

The SPD district association and the SPD local association forchheim organized a citizens’ talk in the forchheim fubganger zone on the morning of the last day of the year.

Over punch and cookies, the participants talked about the past year and their expectations for 2020. City council faction chairman and district council candidate reiner buttner reported in a press release that two topics had been raised again and again in the discussions: firstly, the issue of a lack of housing and expensive rents. For this reason, many passers-by signed up for the petition "six years rent freeze – for fair rents in bavaria" registered. Initiator of the petition for a referendum is the munich tenants’ association. The SPD and left-wing parties as well as the german federation of trade unions and the tenants’ association are involved in the alliance.

Removal of the jahnhalle

In addition, it was often asked how the city would react to the loss of the jahnhalle and what events could be held in the event hall demanded by the SPD.

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