22-Year-old dies at the scene of the accident

22-year-old dies at the scene of the accident

On a rain-soaked road, the 22-year-old woman was driving her blue BMW of an older date on the kreisstrabe from eggolsheim to weigelshofen (district of forchheim). It happened in a right-hand bend just before the entrance to the town. For unknown reasons, the young woman lost control of her vehicle and skidded out of control. The car accidentally crossed the road and was hit head-on by an oncoming silver mercedes. The BMW was catapulted into the ditch.

A total of 50 firefighters from the surrounding villages worked feverishly to rescue the woman from the vehicle’s trunks. The emergency doctor and paramedics who rushed to the scene were unable to help the driver of the car crash. The rescue helicopter also called to the scene of the accident was no longer needed.

The occupants of the oncoming vehicle, a married couple from the district of hassberge, escaped with minor injuries.

They were also rescued from the wreckage by firefighters and handed over to the rescue services. The police estimate the total damage to the vehicles at around 20,000 euros. The fire departments secured the accident site and assisted the police in securing the tracks by drying the rain-soaked roadway. The county road was completely closed for several hours while the accident was being investigated.

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