A berlin girl stands in the goal of the sg garitz/nudlingen

A berlin girl stands in the goal of the sg garitz/nudlingen

Stephanie piske wants to enjoy again. "It’s really great when the spectators join in", says the SG garitz/nudlingen goalkeeper, who has practically grown up with handball. "I was one week old when my dad, also a handball player, took me to the gym. When i was seven years old, i started playing myself", the berlin native, who played for TSV tempelhof-mariendorf for many years, says. As a field player. Lower franconia only became an issue ten years ago, thanks to her friend. Relocation, a new job in a rehabilitation center in bad kissingen – and the move to the SG garitz/nudlingen. "Because karla reinshagen was injured at the time, i went in goal", says the 37-year-old. And quickly came to terms with the change of roles. "My youth coach in berlin has made sure that the players are familiar with all positions. Then you also played in the goal."

Stephanie piske is a stoic between the posts. One who takes her strength out of the equation. One who doesn’t have to raise her voice to show leadership qualities. On and off the pitch. "Stephanie is a person and our team leader. We work excellently together, and I would like to see it continue like this", SG coach harun tucovic speaks with respect of his number "15", the tucovic to the best goalkeepers in the league pays. "With her experience, but also her sporting ambition, she has played a decisive role in the team’s success." Stephanie piske has no intention of retiring, even though she has a talented successor in pia kunzmann. "It’s funny. I’m about twice as old as pia, but I’ve only been in goal half as long as she has", says the captain. And speaks of a very harmonious relationship. "I think we complement each other. I can still learn from her. It’s good to have someone else in this position by your side. When the time comes, i will gladly give pia the preference. At the moment, however, I have a lot of spab."

Stephanie piske works in social consulting and quality management.

Competence that benefits the younger players in particular. "As captain, I want to work with the team council to keep an open ear for the players and mediate between the team and the coach. If we all continue to develop, success is possible." It’s no coincidence for the goalkeeper that the team got off to a brilliant start with two wins. "Our young players have settled in wonderfully. And we got a coach who has an eye for every single player, but also for the big picture."

The involuntary step back after the relegation has not harmed the euphoria around the schlossberghalle in any case. 200 fans came again against regensburg. And after the victory in erlangen, the audience interest was allowed to be even coarser in the relegation duel with HC sulzbach, which has lost both games so far. "The opponent had played some years very successfully in the bavarian league and possesses certainly still much qualitat in the squad ", warns tucovic, who will have to do without carolin annon due to illness. One of those talents who stand for the future. "Our young players don’t seem inhibited at all when they play in front of so many people. Rather have a smile on their face when they are celebrated", piske says the end of the "curse of the post does not want to overestimate. "Naturally, after the victory in erlangen, we were all incredibly happy and proud to have won an away game after such a long time. But this is now landesliga, and thus a league that is no longer so strong."

In the preseason, the saturday opponent was defeated in the schlossberg hall. "And if we put everything on the line again, we can be confident", the front woman, standing at the very back, demands one hundred percent commitment. Then it also works out with the genieben.

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