An evening with bush

An evening with bush

From the collected works of the well-known writer, satirist and humorist wilhelm busch, hamburger cabaret artist helga siebert has unearthed many a gem. Under the busch motto "what’s popular is also permitted she presented her latest literary program on thursday at the stadtcafe in bad staffelstein.

With about 20 guests, the attendance at the event was relatively modest. Nevertheless, there were some present who obviously did not know siebert yet. For the new ones helga siebert introduced herself as a native of lower saxony with second residence in bad staffelstein. Further details such as shoe size (38), dress size (well, also 38), hair color (nordic-light ash blond, at least that’s what it says on the package) followed. "I like to eat apples and drink red wine", explained siebert. And that was the end of the advertising block.

Wilhelm buch had written with meticulousness and heart blood his poems and stories. He was born on 15. April 1832 born in wiedensahl as the first of seven children in a thatched half-timbered house. Busch first studied mechanical engineering at the polytechnic in hanover, then at the art schools in dusseldorf, antwerp and munich. He was a member of the "fliegende blatter" and of the "munchner bilderbogen and became world famous for his picture stories.

Sigmund freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, already recognized that wilhelm busch’s humor has something relaxing and anticonvulsant about it. The average german laughs for only about five to six minutes a day. But 19 to 24 minutes were healthy. "In the week?", siebert was asked by a visitor after a performance.

Acting talent

Helga siebert does not simply read out the texts, but interprets them with a great deal of acting talent and often also with physical and vocal commitment. How did wilhelm busch put it in a nutshell back in 1868: "we are very amused by the prise, provided that one also sneezes!" With a lot of heart and meticulousness also comes the "klagelied eines junggesellen" (lament of a young journeyman) to obey. The listener almost feels sorry for the bachelor who doesn’t quite know what’s wrong with him, who has lost two buttons on his pants again, who climbs into his lonely bed at midnight with his teeth chattering. "So I feel right that I’m missing something that I liked". The poem ends with this sentence.

With love poems, however, the rough master of humor seems to have struggled a bit. Perhaps because wilhelm busch was not married? His texts and poems are amazingly timeless.

Wilhelm busch is considered the forefather of modern comics. He drew his first "max und moritz" at the end of the 1850s was written in 1865. "Oh, what one often has to hear or read about naughty children! Like for example here of these, which max and moritz hieben", this is the beginning of the pranks of the two rascals, which helga siebert brings to the stage with a coarse touch. Some people recite them quietly and mentally.

Wilhelm busch had had his fun. He was also not averse to physical pleasures, as siebert shows with a few poems such as "pancakes and salad" brought to the lecture. On the table in front of her are the obligatory glass of wine and lots of books from which the cabaret artist recites. For the sake of simplicity, she has marked the places with colored flags. "Eduard’s dream, published in a small edition in 1891, today it is one of the humorist’s almost forgotten late works.

Wilhelm busch dies on 9. January 1908 and is buried in the cemetery in mechtshausen. The artist lives on in his extensive oeuvre to this day.

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