An exhibition hall the flexible way

However, this raises the question of the premises. Not every business has a large enough space to accommodate all of the exhibits – or even the visitors – especially if the exhibition cannot be held exclusively outdoors. If reliable weather protection is needed, the exhibit should be displayed in a covered area.

If there is a sufficiently rough hall, the event can start immediately. If there is no hall available, there is the possibility to book the corresponding rooms from the appropriate providers. An alternative is the favorable rent of a hall. This offers several advantages: first, it is usually more favorable than a booked venue; second, the exhibition then takes place on the venue’s own land; and third, the rental hall can be precisely adapted to the event.
There are now suppliers like haltec.De, which specializes in renting halls for any purpose. Thus halls are offered in the most different coarse and with each desired equipment, for example different tower and gate kinds; coarse-flat shop windows and several gradations at isolation.
The special thing about haltec halls.De: they are erected at the desired location within a few days, remain in place for the required period of time and are completely dismantled at the end of the exhibition. In this way, the exhibition can take place at any desired location – and after the exhibition is over, the space is available again for other things. Such an event cannot be designed more flexibly in terms of space.

The duration of the hall is determined by the customer. It is fixed and can be adjusted later if necessary, for example, if the exhibition attracts more visitors than planned. The halls generally do not need a foundation, because they are anchored with earth nails or concrete cubes. If in the course of the exhibition an extension or a move of the hall is necessary, this is no problem either. To make the halls look homelike or. To suit the occasion, there is a choice of different roof and wall claddings. The floor and the lighting are also completely in accordance with the customer’s wishes.

When the rental hall is ready and meets all requirements, the exhibition can begin. And when the exhibition is finally over, the hall disappears as if by itself – it doesn’t get more flexible than that.

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