Bad kissingen: years of commitment to the city

Bad kissingen: years of commitment to the city

The commitment in civil society and in the honorary office is demanded and appreciated by the state "rightly, because it strengthens the democratic society", as mayor dirk vogel said at the awarding of the burgermedal of the city of bad kissingen and added: "also on a communal level this is right and important."

Before the ceremony, vogel explained the considerations of whether it should or even must be canceled. But the decision was made "because it is ensured that everyone adheres to the AHA rules". He is therefore pleased "to honor people who have worked for our city in various capacities over the years or decades. Because political volunteers will be the focus of attention in 2020, the head of the city emphasized the special expectations placed on city councilors. One should decide a complex matter properly after a short period of familiarization, taking everyone’s wishes into account and possibly exposing oneself to resentment, which the lord mayor calls in its extreme form "toxic political unculture" and described as a danger for democracy. "There are no signs of this in bad kissingen", according to vogel, who regretted that there will be no presentation of ready-made lurgermeister medals, certificates and prizes – but a musical accompaniment on the marimba by jascha bauer-heilmann of the city music school. The district’s appreciation for the honorees was conveyed by district administrator thomas bold in his greeting, who recalled the responsible tasks of political office holders, paid tribute to edmund seller with personal memories, and thanked "alt-oberburgermeister" for his work kay blankenburg wistful: "i will miss her entertaining grub words."

54 years

A total of 54 years of local political work was honored with the burgermedaille of the city of bad kissingen – distributed among four former city council members. Birgit eber was a member of the municipal parliament for twelve years and a city council representative for social affairs for six years, respectively. For the city partnership committee – not surprisingly for the head of the city, who in his laudation described her as a "self-confessed european became. She was also a member of the finance, building, social, audit and bylaws committees. Municipal utilities, zweckverband sparkasse and municipal utilities were also on her "to-do list". Her personal conclusion: "political commitment is always worthwhile!"

In her twelve years of service, karin reinshagen was, among other things, city council representative for integration and families, as well as a member of the economic and social committees and the GEWO supervisory board. OB vogel praised her commitment to the women’s ring and her ability "to bring people together who would otherwise not come together" as a contribution to an open city. In her thanks, she recalled the time of the so-called "refugee crisis", which she described as a "very intensive phase her conclusion: "the commitment was worth it."

Dr. Reinhard hohe was a member of the finance committee and the savings bank association during his twelve years on the city council, and the mayor made special mention of his commitment to the hospice association.

After 18 years, klaus lotter is no longer a member of the city council and during this time he was a member of the finance, construction, social and audit committees, as well as being active in the municipal utilities, the savings bank association and the shareholders’ meeting of staatsbad gmbh. Vogel also recalled the commitment of the "real kissinger" as a youth worker, on church boards and at district level. Klaus lotter reminded in his words of thanks that the city council is committed to the common good beyond political boundaries and he thanked the citizens for the trust they have placed in him: "i feel excellent"."

Retiring members of the city council were honored during the event. Andrea dawn hansch was asked to take the stage in the rossini hall. She was the local speaker of kleinbrach from 2014 to 2020 and had to give up her position due to the brexit. She was followed by three former city councilors from the last term of office: gunter gotz (DBK), represented in the finance and social committee as well as in the supervisory board of the municipal utility company, michael heppes (CSU/SPD), who in the six years was, among other things, CSU parliamentary group chairman, a member of the economic and finance committee as well as the zweckverband sparkasse and the shareholders’ meeting of the staatsbad gmbh, dr.

Hans-joachim hofstetter (FDP/committee community) as a member of the economic and social committee and the GEWO supervisory board.

Burgermedaille in gold

24 years of local political commitment, including twelve years as mayor of the city of bad kissingen – for mayor vogel, this is reason enough to honor kay blankenburg with the term "statesman to be used at the federal political level to highlight special achievements. The bamberger by birth and lawyer came to bad kissingen in 1989, was elected to the city council in 1996, won the office of lord mayor in 2008, repeated the success in 2014 and won another city council mandate in 2020 – expected end 2026! These bare figures do not reflect the political commitment that blankenburg showed in the city council and in the finance, audit and business regulations committee, as well as at the municipal utility company. His successor in office was particularly noted for his creative work as mayor of hamburg in many committees and by initiating and implementing city projects to make the city attractive as a place to live and do business and as a tourist destination. Vogel cited as examples the amendment of the development plan for the special spa area, the acquisition and renovation of sinnberg elementary school, the expansion and renovation of numerous kindergartens, the new old town project, the renovation of the terraced swimming pool and the application to become a UNESCO world cultural heritage site – many of which were carried out under the dictate of budget consolidation and thus tight budgets. Kay blankenburg thanked for the words of appreciation "which I have heard with gratitude". He was happy with the office of the mayor of the castle and who expected a long speech of thanks, he had to disappoint: "such a thing requires time, which one does not have as a resting person." Looking back on the highest office in the city: "it was an honor for me to represent this city."


"In recognition of the musical culture in bad kissingen, especially for the decades-long performance of the traditional spa guest singing, with which the guests were given unforgettable moments." – the certificate for edmund seller, for which he received the burgermedaille, is very precise. But the 30 years honored are only a part of the many activities of seller, who was born in waldfenster in 1937 and has forged cultural contacts as a teacher, conductor, choirmaster and active singer for more than five decades. As the "personified musical institution" – in his laudatory speech, the mayor said that from 1989 to 2019 he had hosted and organized the spa guest singings every two weeks, bringing the musical culture of the rhon and frankens to well over 200,000 guests in bad kissingen and bad bocklet. For his commitment, which is also reflected on a cultural-historical, ecclesiastical and social level, edmund seller has been honored several times, among others with the golden pin of honor of the french sangerbund or the badge of honor of the bavarian minister-president. In his words of thanks, edmund seller emphasized the value of music and singing for health: "you don’t need a pill from a doctor."

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