Break-ins in hochstadt still unclear

Break-ins in hochstadt still unclear

In irregular intervals, hochstadt has been hit by burglary gangs in the past years. Especially at the beginning of 2017, burglaries piled up in the ais region. Within a few months, numerous houses, cars and offices were broken into. The target of the thieves: houses, business premises, cars.

The burgers in hochstadt-sud, who were mainly affected by the burglaries at the time, were increasingly unsettled. Something had to happen.

That’s how it came about that three years ago in february, around 65 citizens turned up at the sud elementary school and asked the then hochstadt police chief jurgen schmeiber for help.

Tater are cursed to this day

Three years later, the traps have not been cleared up. 14 residential burglaries took place in 2017 in the area of responsibility of the police inspection hochstadt. In eight cases, the perpetrators failed in their attempt to break into the houses.

"In none of the cases could a culprit be identified" reports stefan bauer, press spokesman of the police prasidium mittelfranken, at the request of the french day. The police do not classify the acts as a series because of different ways of committing them. It is possible that not one gang of thieves, but different groups of criminals have been tampering with houses and cars.

Fewer cars broken into

2017 was also the negative high point for vehicles: 14 cars were broken into or stolen in hochstadt three years ago. In the years before and after, the numbers are in the single digits.

"In 2017, there was an increase in the number of car break-ins. This is explained by a nationwide series of car break-ins targeting fixed navigation devices", explains police spokesman bauer. At that time, however, an eastern european group of perpetrators could be identified, it continues.

Gang crime is on the rise

Criminal gangs from eastern europe have been keeping police busy across france for years. Gangs of thieves strike again and again, usually several times within a night or a few weeks. The detection rate is low, because the perpetrators often leave no traces behind.

"The perpetrators are not always foreigners. But it is true that gangs from eastern europe are often suspected", says sabine rohrer, head of the hochstadt police department. "This year, the burglary situation in the city has calmed down considerably. The number of cases has decreased. This is not unusual in the summer. But even for the season it is very quiet", says rohrer.

The decline is being fueled by the pandemic situation, as rohrer suspects: "the decline is certainly due in part to the corona crisis. Many people were and are permanently at home. This naturally deters potential offenders."

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