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Criticism of

For decades, the expansion of the section of federal highway 4 in the weichengereuth, between the city highway and the four-lane expansion to suden has been an issue. All parties involved have always agreed that the four-lane expansion must come about. Now the coburg building senate rejects the expansion by a majority and recommends the city council to do the same. Martin finzel: "everything was always coordinated. I am surprised about the new discussion."

He speaks of a "role backwards" the coburg decision maker. The argues him not only because a, as he says, "long-standing process of coordination and decision-making of the municipalities and authorities" preceded by. He is concerned about safety. The benefits of the current planning for all road users. The planning ensures entrances and exits at ahorner berg in every direction, as well as the driveway. Intelligent ampellosungen could now often prevent critical traffic situations when turning off. Bicycle and sidewalk in the direction of wassergasse and frankenbrucke were better placed. The sometimes enormous floods, in which cars got stuck, were a thing of the past. Trucks will no longer be jammed at ahorner berg.

Funding from the federal government

Martin finzel now sees all this at risk. And this in the face of a solution that was 100 percent financed by the federal government. The ahorner municipal council therefore also approved the plans drawn up by the state building office.

Arguments that are now being put forward by opponents of the expansion are not being followed by martin finzel. "as a matter of principle, the plans now on the table do not represent a sudden result, but rather correspond to a coordination process that has been underway for decades. In twelve years as first mayor and almost 20 years in the town hall, i have been able to accompany this process in partnership and am grateful to the bamberg state building authority for the present result in the interests of the citizens", he says at the on-site meeting at ahorner berg. For him, one thing is certain: the result of the expansion will bring more safety for all road users, stable and orderly traffic flows and the solution of long-standing cross-cutting issues, such as protection during heavy rain events.

Understanding for residents

Martin finzel also expresses understanding for the concerns of the citizens affected in the soft-engereuth, in particular of the properties located directly on the federal highway. These are already heavily burdened. But he says: "it is important to inform them objectively and independently so that the draft plan can be seen as an opportunity to change the existing situation."

Residents fear increased traffic on the widened road and the associated higher pollution levels. Coburg's councillor for the city of grunen and climate protection officer wolfgang weib expects an increase in carbon dioxide emissions. Traffic on the northern ring road has increased despite the construction of highway 73.

Residents say they find the current situation in weichengereuth acceptable. Even coburg's long-serving mayor and current former mayor norbert kastner no longer believes the expansion is necessary. The decision of the coburg city council is still pending. But a majority in favor of rejecting the expansion seems increasingly likely.

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