Day of action in kulmbach: children have a right to peace

Day of action in kulmbach: children have a right to peace

"Children have a right to peace – this is the important message on world children’s day. Also in kulmbach this day has been celebrated duly. As in previous years, boys and girls from kindergartens and elementary schools from kulmbach and the surrounding area met at the "alte spinnerei" children’s and youth cultural center.

Four men make music

For years now, karsten friedrich, stefan "bonsai" have been framing lehner, stefan ludwig and christian hanf provided the musical accompaniment to the celebration. More than 400 children came to sing, dance and clap their hands.

Some daycare centers had rehearsed small performances for world children’s day. The presentation of the paul-gerhardt kindergarten was particularly noteworthy. The little ones had brought the peace cross from their institution, which is made up of various symbols. Oliver, for example, showed the chalice. "It reminds us of the lord’s supper", he explained.

"Peace means having friends"

The friends maya and valeria present the star that is placed in the center of the cross. "Peace means having friends and understanding each other," he said, says valeria. With her friend maya she often gets along without saying many words.

Maya comes from ireland and does not yet speak german very well. But it gets better and better. Friendship can also do that.

Elke wuthe, director of "die kita ggmbh, were visibly proud of how well and smoothly the children’s day went off. "Peace starts in small ways, how we treat each other on a daily basis", she said.

The children went home with a wonderful feeling of community. Hopefully they can keep this feeling for a long time.

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