Fresh air keeps the virus at bay – that’s how a daycare center, school and company in forchheim are ventilated

Fresh air keeps the virus at bay - that's how a daycare center, school and company in forchheim are ventilated

The germans are certainly known for one thing: the "stobluften". Even in elementary school, you learn that it’s good to open the windows regularly so that fresh oxygen can get in – even if it can get a little frosty in the room for a short time. The british newspaper "the guardian in a recent article, stobluften even called the fight against the virus a "national obsession". But ridiculed window-washing or not, in order to contain the spread of the corona virus in rooms, there is no getting around airing out. This is how kindergartens, schools and offices in forchheim handle it.

The orders in the print shop streit can not be done from home on the PC. "There’s always a breath of fresh air in our production facilities, to put it bluntly", says owner frank streit about the print room. There had already been regular airing before corona anyway, because the machines were running there. In addition, the doors of the buror rooms and the hall are now open as well.

A little more possible than opening windows and doors at georg hartmann secondary school. During the general renovation in 2016, an air conditioning system was installed, says deputy principal jorg striepke. "The system takes out the used air and brings in fresh air", says he, not only rolls the air in the room around. In the beginning it was rather unpopular, because there was no opener at the windows and the airing was not a substitute. Today the plant is running at full speed. In addition, all teachers are required to open the windows regularly during the hour.

This is how kindergartens, schools, and companies in forchheim breathe new air

From time to time critical questions came from the parents from two directions.

Some people were afraid that their child could catch pneumonia in the draft, he says. Others think it needs a lot more fresh air. "Corona is a solid iron", according to striepke. At the moment, you can’t please anyone completely.

Not all employees of sparkasse forchheim can work on the move – due to data protection and banking secrecy, says press spokeswoman charlotte kaufmann. "All of our rooms are supplied with sufficient fresh air through both cross-air ducts and air handling units.", according to kaufmann.

And in kindergarten st. Anna is at it again: doors and windows open. "We air early at seven when we arrive and then every hour", says manager monika sebald. "We also make sure that everyone gets out into the garden. There is no problem with that."

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