Germany sends ships to the mediterranean again

Germany sends ships to the mediterranean again

Germany sends another ship to the mediterranean at the end of the week for the EU mission to monitor the arms embargo against libya.

About 220 soldiers will be on board the "berlin", as a spokesman for the navy confirmed to the german press agency. They are supposed to inspect cargo ships heading for libya in the mediterranean sea.

The last time the german armed forces took part in the EU mission "irini" with a ship was from august to december of last year. Among other things, the crew of the frigate "hamburg" stopped a tanker that was illegally transporting kerosene to libya. The search of a suspected turkish container ship in november also caused a stir. It had to be canceled because of a veto by the turkish government and triggered a political scandal. Germany is currently participating in the EU mission with a P-3C orion maritime patrol aircraft.

According to current plans, the task force supply ship "berlin" is scheduled to depart on friday at 16:00.00 o’clock departure from wilhelmshaven. The more than 170-meter-long multifunctional ship is then expected to arrive in the field in the middle of the month. The crew also includes an eleven-headed boarding team from lithuania. It specializes in abseiling from helicopters onto other ships or approaching them with speedboats in order to inspect the cargo.

The goals of "irini" are the stabilization of the north african civil war country libya and the support of the UN-led political peace process. In addition to weapons smuggling, it is also intended to prevent oil smuggling. Violence has reigned in libya since the fall of the long-time ruler muammar al-gaddafi in 2011 and chaos. Most recently, in early february, abdul hamid dbaiba was appointed head of a new transitional government. This is to replace the two governments that have so far competed for power in the country.

For the EU, a solution to the libyan conflict is also important because the situation in the country fosters the activities of traffickers who bring migrants illegally across the mediterranean to europe. EU had already imposed first sanctions for violations of united nations arms embargo on libya in 2020. They met companies from turkey, jordan and kazakhstan allegedly involved in transporting war materials.

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