Heibe speech, kuhler wine

Heibe speech, kuhler wine

"My firefighters always stand their ground", emphasized jurgen dorsch, 1. Commander of the hohenfeld volunteer fire department at the annual meeting. The proportion of women in hohenfeld is also surprisingly high. Out of 39 active members, ten are women, that's a proud 25 percent. Five young people form the new generation. The association can count on a total of 80 members.

Treasurer tanja gunther was unanimously elected as secretary. Chairman frank weidt confirmed that she will hold both offices until the end of the election period. The previous editor, kerstin stoll, had died unexpectedly.

Comradeship cultivated
In his report, weidt listed numerous celebrations and weddings in which the fire brigade had participated. As an association, she organizes summer parties and brakeman's evenings herself. The firefighters cultivate camaraderie, for example at the kirchweihschieben or on an excursion to the rhon region. The motto of the fire department "all for one, one for all" is traceable.

Commander jurgen dorsch reported on the operations and exercises of the past year. In march there was a fire on a railroad embankment in kitzingen. In the summer, a man jumped from the bridge into the main river, setting in motion a massive search for people. After heavy rain in july, water had to be pumped out of the basement of the volkshochschule, the former public swimming baths.

It was turbulent
Even today, all those involved still smile when they think back to the operation on 12 december. August to be remembered: a "drunken, pigeon-egg seeking bridge gymnast from hungary" had gotten lost on the kitzingen side of the railroad bridge. Dorsch was still "amazed" at the huge contingent of water police, federal police, state police and everyone with a gun in their hand." There it went with the traffic protection of the st. The fire brigade's involvement in the st. Martin's parade and in fire protection at the easter and solstice bonfires has already calmed down.

The training over the course of the year has been successful, and a large number of firefighters have always taken part in all 14 practical exercises.

City fire chief engelbert scherer retires from the active life of the fire department after 16 years of service in this office for health reasons. Georg schwarz keeps him company. Schwarz was responsible for the fire department in the kitzingen administration for 21 years.

Dorsch said of scherer, laughing: "we verbally butted heads, because he is already a hothead." And continued with relief: "but in the meantime we are talking to each other again." The settled dispute between dorsch und scherer had helped to relabel the wine bottles available as prasent: "original hohfelder schleusen heizol" there was in place of rotling. The comrades were also laughingly pleased about the successful "peace drink".

Firefighters at the age of 14
Without doubt the 2. Commander uwe degan will remain a firefighter for many years to come. Exactly on its 45th anniversary. On his 30th birthday he was honored for 30 years of membership. He had joined the youth fire department at the age of 14. For him it has been a long awaited day. "My grandfather was in the american airfield fire department at the time. I found this incredibly exciting. That's why I always wanted to join the fire department. As soon as I could enter, I was there." Passionate and with sparkling eyes he told about it.
It is an election year. A good opportunity to present the need for new chairs and tables for the training room to the present oberburgermeister siegfried muller (etc).

"Now I'm impressed, board member weidt was amazed when georg schwarz immediately got the order to take care of it. They had to wait ten years for this moment, said their comrades from hohenfeld. Actually OB muller had only prepared a speech of thanks. Now there is a new order.

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