Hospice association: christmas grave for seriously ill and dying people

hospice association: christmas grave for seriously ill and dying people

The haus fur kinder haard has again been busy crafting christmas motifs for the hospice association in bad kissingen and has not skimped on glitter and sparkles, according to a press release from the hospice association.

"It is a great pleasure for us to pass on christmas atmosphere with these works of art", according to rita hillenbrand, head coordinator of the hospice association. This is how the pictures and handicrafts were passed on to the residents of the diakonie pflegezentrum theresienstift bad kissingen. "In another year, due to the pandemic, visits to inpatient facilities will be limited. But we still wanted to set a sign that we do not forget the people who are accompanied by us", hillenbrand continues.

In addition by a rough material donation of the member of the association dr. Herbert, the 64 seriously ill people currently being cared for by the hospice association, was presented with an advent calendar at the beginning of the christmas season.

Appreciation of the individual

"This brings so much more than a little treat to the christmas season. It shows the appreciation of the individual, brings temporal structure and christmas spirit", hillenbrand explains this donation campaign. "With our diverse team of staff, volunteers and members, we can overcome these difficult times and continue to serve the people", hillenbrand continues.

The hospice association in bad kissingen, a non-profit organization, currently provides care for 64 seriously ill people in inpatient facilities and in their private homes with 72 volunteer hospice companions.

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