Hospital recruits nurses

Hospital recruits nurses

Ten nursing students celebrated the successful completion of their three-year training as health care and nursing assistants at the clinical center forchheim-frankische schweiz.

"From now on, your parents are no longer responsible for you!" Sven oelkers, the hospital’s managing director, tells the graduates of the vocational school for nursing that it is good to look beyond one’s own horizons, but "if your expectations are not met, the doors of the hospital are always open for you, he emphasizes. All registered nurses already have an employment contract in their pocket, some of them will stay at the forchheim site, others will move to the surrounding area. A graduate starts work in a hospital in hamburg. Works council chairwoman kathrin hamler is more succinct: "come again! We need you!"

The new head of the school, andreas schneider, who took up his post at the hospital at the beginning of august, emphasizes the importance of the nursing profession and thanks the doctors and other professional groups in the hospital, such as the technical director, in particular, for their active involvement in teaching and giving the young people an insight into their work. The 53-year-old sees this practical approach as a unique selling point of the school in forchheim.

The chairman of the examination of the government of upper franconia, reinhard schuberth, presents the excellent marks: the overall average of the examination marks is 1.76.

Three graduates achieved a grade point average better than 1.33: julia baumgartner, sophia nieswandt and lena bundgaard receive the state prize from the government of upper franconia as special recognition. The chief medical officer certifies a "very good result upper franconia and emphasizes that the level is more demanding than 20 years ago, because in the past it was possible to compensate for poor grades.

Lena bundgaard (23) has chosen the outpatient clinic as the next stage in her career. She had already enjoyed the varied work in the team during her practical classes.

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