How the weak fight back

How the weak fight back

"Stop", lukas shouts from the strength of his body that the walls are trembling, and takes a step back to show unmistakably that he has come this far and no further. The exercise is part of a self-confidence and defense course that teaches children and young people how to defend themselves.

"Brazilian jiu-jitsu is the best way to solve a conflict without violence", explains martin page, trainer and owner of high rollers jiu jitsu. Together with christine kramer from bamberger, they demonstrate a sequence of handholds as part of the vacation program of the municipal youth work, with which even smaller and weaker people have a chance to counter an attacker.

Shouting loud is important

At the beginning of the lesson the children are trained to use their arms. The first thing is to make it clear to the attacker that the fight is over. "Say ‘stop’, as loudly as possible, and take a step back", advice martin page. Shouting loudly has at least the advantage that people notice that there is something going on. If the attacker cannot be stopped, the process should be repeated. The worst scenario would be to lie on the floor. In many other martial arts the fight would be decided by this point. Not so in brazilian jiu- jitsu.

Above all, protect the head

With the right technique, even a weak person can free himself again. The main rule: "protect your head, the head is the most important thing we have", explains the trainer. One after the other, the children practice the individual steps to free themselves from the attacker’s grasp and at the same time remain capable of acting. This starts with the right falling technique, then moves on to an exercise called "rodeo" calls.

The aim is to stay ten seconds on the back of a "wildly moving" animal to endure without being thrown off the coach. The exercises are structured in such a way that they build on each other and make spab, but are always as effective as possible. "Ear on the shoulder of the attacker and clasp him with arms and legs", is the instruction. The steps are repeated and explained.

The next step is to break free from the grip while keeping the opponent on the ground. Martin page explains it with an example: "have you ever tried to stand up during a push-up when someone presses your shoulder down?? You have no chance." Only the practical example convinces the children, who also have their fun. At the end of the lesson, each step is repeated once again. Then it’s the turn of the ten- to 14-year-olds.

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