Kolping family is active on many levels

Kolping family is active on many levels

The kolping family unterpreppach-reutersbrunn-vorbach invited members to a general meeting at the music rehearsal center these days. Martina schwengler, the head of the management team, was pleased to welcome at least 20 people (out of 96 members) to the meeting.

Marta miener gave a contemplative introduction, especially since the community currently has no prases (spiritual leader). The review of the association’s activities, presented by martina schwengler with the aid of an impressive picture presentation, highlighted the activities spread over the year, which since the members’ meeting a year ago have mainly covered the following points: the old clothes utilization by collecting container, the cooperation with the carnival procession cashing in ebern, the lent meal in favor of a social institution, the setting up of the maypole in cooperation with the local associations, the special may devotion, the support of the vacation program in unterpreppach, the participation in the kirchweih-weekend including an interesting factory tour in scheblitz, the popular kirchweihgaudi, the new collection campaign for discarded cell phones, a successful family weekend in bad konigshofen, the nicholas visit as well as the kolping memorial service in advent.

The cash report presented by schwengler showed an orderly financial situation, cash auditor herbert peschke confirmed a proper cash management – the unanimous discharge was then only a matter of form.

According to the guiding principle of the founding father adolph kolping, namely "starting is often the hardest, but staying true is the best", martina schwengler honored some members for their longtime loyalty to the kolping-community with a certificate and a small present. These were michael deublein for 25 years, and gunther becht and gertrud barthelmann for 40 years each. Becht and barthelmann could not be present.

The members briefly discussed the year’s planning and foreseeable dates, starting with the lenten dinner on sunday, 7. April, at the music rehearsal home, as well as the maypole erection on april 30.

April. In the further course the present ones considered, which could change in the future with the setting up of the maypole and where this year in september a company inspection is to be aimed at. On

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