Kreisjugendring kulmbach receives the social award of the oberfranken foundation

Kreisjugendring kulmbach receives the social award of the oberfranken foundation

District council president henry schramm praised the district youth council at the presentation of the social award, which comes with a prize money of 15,000 euros. "Our society needs people who have ideas and make something out of them; who dare to do something in order to gain something; who rethink old questions; who get involved and don’t despair in the face of unsolved questions", according to schramm.

The quote comes from former german president joachim gauck. He said this sentence in the context of a "future forum for young people" to which he invited around 100 young people to the bellevue palace in berlin at the end of his term of office. In moderated thematic rounds, young people between the ages of 15 and 25 were able to express their views on how they imagine germany in 2036.

Three years before this date in bellevue castle, the district youth council had already set out to offer young people a platform for articulating their ideas, wishes and visions.

The future workshops are about the direct living environment of adolescents and young adults in their communities, markets and cities. A concept that has taken off and has now permeated almost the entire district of kulmbach.

The district youth council and the district youth work, according to the district council president, deserved the social award. Not only do the now twelve future workshops require a tremendous amount of volunteer work, and the responsible people in the participating communities received a direct impetus for the development of the place. The future workshops are also designed for sustainability. Young people and young adults should be introduced to taking on responsibility in their communities and getting involved on a long-term basis. They should take courage to develop and actively represent their ideas.

"This will not least strengthen local democracy – and perhaps one or the other will also get involved in local politics on the basis of these experiences when local elections are due next march", hoped schramm.

In the four moderated theme corners, "rub off – build up – plan your home anew "in& out" – shape your free time "if i were king/queen…" And "i plan my home with" in the future workshops, ideas are collected in a way that is appropriate for young people, then prepared for the municipalities and presented to the political bodies there.

Some of the suggestions, wishes and ideas might not be implemented at first go (mcdonalds for grafengehaig, coarse shopping center for marktleugast) – but the majority of them have substance and background.

A study published last week by the bertelsmann foundation came to the clear conclusion that children and young people do not feel that they are taken seriously in school and by politicians! While one in two eight-year-olds still thinks they have a say in school, only one in three 14-year-olds do. The authors of the study concluded: "we must take children and young people seriously. This means systematically and regularly questioning them and taking their knowledge into account in politics."

One could already generally "make out" a watch the young generation. Young people around the world are particularly committed to climate protection in a variety of ways.

This is exactly what happens in the future workshops in the district of kulmbach and far beyond. Because the format is a real export hit from kulmbach. Other regions in upper franconia (u.A. Bayreuth district) and bavaria followed the kulmbach example and adopted the award-winning concept.

The representatives of the kulmbach district youth ring and the district youth work around the chairwoman sabine knobloch and the managing director jurgen ziegler are sought-after speakers at youth work conferences in upper franconia and bavaria and in front of political representatives.

Therefore, it is logical that the upper franconia foundation has honored this project with radiance for all of upper franconia and thus joins a notable series of other awards.

In 2015, the project won the "family-friendly upper franconia" competition won. This was followed in 2016 by the bavarian innovation award for volunteering, in 2017 by the guardian angel award of the rummelsberger diakonie and in 2017 by the social award of the bavarian state foundation. The "zukunftswerkstatten" also took an outstanding eighth place nationwide in the audience award of the german commitment prize. It should be emphasized that all the prize money went back into the project one-to-one.

"It is important that the results of the future workshops are taken seriously and are acknowledged by the local political bodies. Otherwise the commitment fizzles out and creates frustration. Therefore, this format is also associated with work.

First for the organizers, then for the young people, and later for the political leaders."

Schramm said he had the impression that this was working well in the district. In stadtsteinach, the "workshop" has developed developing a youth parliament. Through "theforge in marktleugast, ideas were collected for their own community, but also for grafengehaig – and in thurnau and marktschorgast, the opinion of the young people has already found an open ear in the municipal councils.

The municipality doesn’t have to build and operate a cinema just because people want to see the latest films. As the example of stadtsteinach shows, it is also sufficient to organize an open-air cinema in the open-air swimming pool. It is important to take up the ideas, interpret them and turn them into projects.

Young people are also involved in kulmbach, for example through katrin brehm’s study "how do young people tick??". One important result was that a diving tower in the open-air swimming pool had to be rebuilt – it took a while, but in a few days the new diving tower will be ready for use

Jumping facility put into operation.

Henry schramm said he was very pleased that the first social award he was allowed to present in his function as president of the district council went to an institution in kulmbach. He thanked sabine knobloch, chairman of the board, and jurgen ziegler, managing director, for their commitment, which is largely based on voluntary work. The award should therefore also be directed at the large team of supervisors who stand behind the future workshops.

But the award also goes to the nearly 1,000 young people and young adults who have participated in the future workshops so far and contributed their ideas. "Last but not least, we would also like to honor the communities that have set out to involve young people in the development of their home through the implementation of the future workshops. This strengthens the bond with the hometown and, in the best case, can lead to young people staying in their area rather than migrating to the big cities."

The cultural prize of the upper franconia foundation was awarded to david saam, the monument preservation prize went to fritz gunther and heinz christ.

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