Nudlingen’s frieda straub celebrated her 100th birthday on wednesday. Birthday

Nudlingen's Frieda Straub celebrated her 100th birthday on Wednesday. Birthday

Her old age shows in frieda straub, who celebrated her 100th birthday on wednesday. The young woman, who was able to celebrate her birthday in the company of her children and grandchildren, didn’t think about it at all. The native nudlinger (born kirmes), lives with her son gunter in the jahnstrabe, who lovingly cares for his mother. However, gunter also says that frieda is easy to care for and modest. She is happy to do without many of the aids to which she was entitled. She does not need a nursing bed.

Her husband passed away about 30 years ago. With him she had four children: gunter, rosmarie, ludmilla and gottfried.

Enjoying nature

Before she retired, frieda straub went to work, partly in winkels, partly in munnerstadt. Later she has kept herself fit by regular walks. She was often seen walking up the wurmerich and enjoying the nature, especially the long cherry tree avenue and the forest. These times, which she remembers with pleasure, are of course over. Now frieda stays in her bed almost every day and can sleep well.

Her clearly visible vital energy is astonishing. When frieda is awake, she likes to talk to visitors.

Those, for example the nudlinger pastor dominik kesina or the KAB chairman oskar hein, are pleased about her charisma, the shining eyes and the mischievous smile.

Interest in village events and local newspaper

She has had to overcome illnesses at times in her life. A recipe for reaching 100. Nevertheless, she does not have anything ready. Perhaps it is the interest she shows in the village’s events that makes her so special. Even the local newspaper she often takes in hand. This source of information draws them from the "boob tube" in all cases before.

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