Rhoner maskenfastnacht in oberelsbach attracts thousands of visitors

Rhoner maskenfastnacht in oberelsbach attracts thousands of visitors

"What an atmosphere – great, what oberelsbach has put up there again. This is a living need", the till von franken was pleased with the success of the fifth rhonian masquerade carnival in oberelsbach. The till of franken was presented by the vice president of the franken carnival association, michael ank, together with his son ramon. "A premiere. For the first time we see the till of franken with us in oberelsbach", the two guests of honor were buried. The "till von franken" is the symbol of the carnival association and represents the mischievous "till eulenspiegel".

With knobs and chains

But not only the till of franconia was to be marveled at the rhon maskenfastnacht, but also the wooden masks so typical for oberelsbach and its local parts were to be experienced in action. There the oberelsbacher spannmanner growled and threatened into the public, the strohmanner had knuppels and chains with them, which they also knew how to use.

The weisbacher jude, who made their way into the audience nimbly and skilfully, gave out harsh blows with the typical clap. Also before the ginolfser jude with their pointy hats caution was announced, if they left uberraschend from the procession. Calmly and dignified the unterelsbacher fosenochter strode along, at least they had a female companion at the side. The witches of oberelsbach were less precise, sweeping one or the other aside with their brooms.

Rough carnival party

The procession of the rhonian carnival was a special experience for the participants as well as for the visitors. How many people had really come to oberelsbach in the bright sunshine could only be guessed by the fire department, which took over the traffic and parking regulations. "Thousands", they summarized finally. Long before the official starting signal, the parade route was already densely crowded. For it was not only a matter of catching a glimpse of the bizarre masks and costumes, but also of taking the best picture oneself. The people celebrated a rough carnival party, and burgermeister birgit erb was beaming with her guests. "We are concerned with the preservation of our tradition. I am very pleased that the local people are participating so strongly." But she herself was not costumed. At the first rhon carnival, she was still dressed as a weisbach jew. "Maybe once again", she smiles and likes to be driven to a dance by one of the jews.

Loose talk and deeper information

Besides the local costumes there were also great guest groups to marvel at, like the "obersinner bronnbarchfratze" or the "rienigger uwerzuuch". The MKG came to oberelsbach from mellrichstadt with their reigning prince and princess, as they are a cooperation partner of the franken carnival academy and thus also a partner in carnival matters for the market town of oberelsbach. The three commentators, the ginolfs music and home club chairman stefanie schrenk and the ginolfs head carnival jester harald omert as well as the fosenochter multi-talent katharina "kathe", also created a great atmosphere merchant. It was clear that they could not refrain from one or the other side blow to the neighbors. The audience liked the easy-going words and liked to dance and sway to the music. Those who were interested in more detailed information about the masks had the opportunity to listen to the lectures of daniela sendner (director of the german carnival museum in kitzingen) and eva-maria konig (director of the rhon museum in fladungen).

Black squaw of oberelsbach

After the detailed presentation of the masks with all their peculiarities, which are important for the scientific research, the party could go on. The music played again, and fredi breunig climbed the specially erected platform on the market square, above which the bankrupt vulture was circling. From the rough world events he came very quickly to bavaria’s state politics and of course to talk about oberelsbach. Birgit erb is the "black squaw of oberelsbach" for him, who knows how to loosen up demands like nobody else, but what she wanted to do recently in cuba was a ratsel to him in this context. The carnival preacher was almost embarrassed to look at the renovated town hall. "Two years ago, i had the gutters torn off there. There the color flaked off. And today I’m standing here, and the entire town hall has been renovated. When I say something, it is not always meant seriously."

But he was particularly pleased about the latest development of ginolfs, the place is now considered the ski region of lower franconia with snow reliability until may. Of course, the mayor is already busy again and is planning a ski lift. Thanks to her resourcefulness, oberelsbach is now a bavarian place of enjoyment, even though it no longer has a restaurant.

Special exhibition

In addition to all this hustle and bustle on the market square, the special exhibition "rhonian masks" could be seen in the tobacco pipe museum and the exhibition of the state vocational school for wood sculptors with anthropomorphic masks in the elstal hall can be visited. The fifth rhon maskenfastnacht offered something for everyone. "The important thing is that we celebrate together", found the MKG vice president thomas dietz.

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