Rimpar synagogue too desolate for the fladung museum

Rimpar synagogue too desolate for the fladung museum

The synagogue of rimpar is not suitable for the french open-air museum fladungen because of its desolate condition. This is what museum director ariane weidlich said at the zweckverbandsversammlung frankisches freiladmuseum fladungen in wurzburg. She supported this with appropriate visual material. This showed that the synagogue was used as a chicken coop, among other things, and that the interior was also heavily damaged for this reason. Moreover, the synagogue is built into a barn and its removal would be associated with an increased expense. Also not suitable is the synagogue of kleineibstadt. The museum director herself was in rimpar in march of this year and took a close look at the building. The state office for the preservation of historical monuments was also involved.

On site, it became clear that the condition is very poor due to heavy contamination, as there were once flooded stables here. The roof area is not accessible. "When we took over the synagogue, we had to reconstruct a lot of things and had an enormous financial outlay. "During the removal one had to work partly with the wheelbarrow." Often there are only plaster surfaces left. In addition, there are no exhibits in the collection of the frankisches freilandmuseum to equip the synagogue accordingly. Ariane weidlich, however, by no means excluded that one day there will also be a synagogue in the french open-air museum fladungen. "But not in the next three years, because we have a lot of other work to do." The museum director said that synagogues are being built or exist both in hesse and currently at the open-air museum in bad windsheim. It is still necessary to consider where a synagogue could be located on the land in flood plains. Land and infrastructure play a role.

District president erwin dotzel interjected that the district of lower franconia, through the cultural foundation, demands the maintenance of synagogues, but that they should remain at the site itself. The best example is the former synagogue in oberelsbach. Transfer to the museum is not the right way forward.Thomas habermann, the chairman of the association and district administrator of rhon-grabfeld-landrat, stated that there are currently no synagogues that are suitable for a building relocation. However, a synagogue cannot be ruled out in the french open-air museum fladungen.

Information was given by the museum director about the meeting house on the museum grounds. The interior can now also be visited, because the uberlandwerk rhon has provided the corresponding historical equipment. In addition, historical lamps were installed, which work naturally. The background to the project is the 100th anniversary of the uberlandwerk rhon, said district administrator thomas habermann.

Museum director ariane weidlich called the lighting and historical furnishings of the trafohauschen a unique selling point among the open-air museums in bavaria. This is also true for a historic pylon. In the coming year, the frankische freilandmuseum fladungen will host an exhibition to mark the anniversary of the uberlandwerk rhon.

The association meeting rejected an application from the city of mellrichstadt to participate in the repair of a section of the museum railway. Mellrichstadt has a railroad line of 2.4 kilometers. The points had to be renewed. Andreas polst, head of the financial department of the district of lower franconia, mentioned necessary work on the rail line in the area of responsibility of the special-purpose association, which owns 10.8 kilometers, 5.3 kilometers are owned by the district of rhon-grabfeld. Andreas polst put the cost at 246,000 euros, which will be split between the 2020 and 2021 budgets. Regarding the repair of the historic steam locomotive, which was severely damaged in an accident, the head of the finance department said that it involved a sum of around half a million euros, which was, however, covered by insurance.

Museum director ariane weidlich still addressed the building relocation of the blacksmith’s shop waldberg. The corresponding components are now stored in the franconian open-air museum, very close to the future site of the installation. Reconstruction will take place in the spring. In the museum’s workshop, parts of the roof structure will be refurbished during the winter months. The topping out ceremony is planned for 13. September 2020 planned. The historic "black eagle" guesthouse will also be renovated. This is mainly about the north wall, which the museum director dates to 1684. It is the oldest building in the french open-air museum fladungen. A building damage report is available, in which, among other things, it is noted which wooden constructions are no longer load-bearing and must be renewed. Finally, the application of the administrative community of fladungen, which wanted to use a part of the former kindergarten, which is owned by the frankisches freilandmuseum, as an archive, was approved.

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