Rough spab, no pressure: dido reports back

rough spab, no pressure: dido reports back

Dido florian cloud de bounevialle o’malley armstrong, a british woman, launched a world career 20 years ago with her rare first name.

With hits such as "white flag," "thank you" and "life for rent" and over 40 million records sold, she is one of britain’s most successful artists. Now dido’s new album "still on my mind" is released. It is the first in more than five years.

The 47-year-old started making music at an early age, going to a music school in london, where she learned the piano and violin. She took her first career steps together with her brother rollo, co-founder of the trip-hop band faithless ("insomnia"). Dido appears with her as a background singer. Later she tours solo through america and releases her single "thank you" in 1998 – at first without much success.

It comes two years late: US rapper eminem samples the chorus of her romantic single and uses it for his hit "stan". The two landed at number one in many countries, performed together and can be seen together in the music clip.

Dido’s original song "thank you" also becomes a hit, her four albums land in the top 5 in great britain and germany. In 2013 it will be quieter around the blonde londoner, who generally takes a lot of time for new records.

The songwriter spends her downtime taking care of son stanley, is free of record compatibilities and sits down with her brother at some point to produce new songs. Most of them are written in the living room.

"I do not feel any pressure. My priorities in life have changed. The album is just a rough spab for me," dido says in a dpa interview about her new record.

The british singer’s gentle yet powerful voice is unmistakable on her twelve songs. Her typical mix of pop, folk and hip-hop is increasingly supplemented with modern electro beats, as on her first single "hurricanes" or "you don’t need a god".

In the final song "have to stay" dido gets particularly personal and sings about being a mother. A topic she never really wanted to sing about. "This is first of all private and secondly quickly told: i am happy, love my child and want to protect it. I prefer to sing about the little conflicts in life. And that’s not what it felt like," she says.

In the end, dido has found her inner conflict as a mother and sings about it, even if it’s hard to have to let go. "That’s love, darling. I’ll stay as long as you need me," says the emotional ballad, in which dido concentrates entirely on her voice.

Stanley, now seven years old, sees his mother in the spotlight for the first time before an album release. "He sees me on the cover of a magazine and just thinks it’s cool. Children simply perceive and accept the things that happen around them. He doesn’t know a world without music playing at home," the singer explains.

Accordingly, the house in the british capital is a little quieter, because dido goes from early may to late june on their first tour in 15 years. The successful british skier also makes a stop in germany.

Concerts in the german speaking area: zurich (7.5.), munich (10.5.), vienna (11.5.), frankfurt (13.5.), berlin (15.5.), hamburg (16.5.) and dusseldorf (19.5.).

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