The castle was not built until 1903

The castle was not built until 1903

Almost 100 years old is the second youngest castle in french switzerland with the name "hildenstein", popularly known as "reinschburg" known. The building stands 70 meters above the valley floor on the so-called herrenfels and looks down from the left slope of the valley into the rabeneck valley, between doos and rabeneck castle, since 1904. Today, not much can be seen of the castle, as it is hidden by tall trees.

About the origin of this summer residence the local writer august sieghardt reports. According to this, at the beginning of the last century, the coburg senior study councilor hugo reinsch, a grammar school professor from streitberg, was on a climbing tour through french switzerland with his brother. The peculiar shape of this 35 meter high rock attracted both of them and they were the first to climb the herrenfels, which rose like a mighty free-standing tower in the wiesent valley.

When both brothers had conquered the rock and were standing on the summit with its primeval trees, the idea of creating a forest botanical garden with a small recreation room germinated. That’s why reinsch acquired a new piano from barbara dormann from the neighboring gosseldorf on 11. August 1902 the foundation and started construction soon after.

In the spring of 1903 the cellar with stairway to the rock was already standing. In 1904 the builder could move into the oriel house.

From the initial shelter house has become a romantic little castle. In 1912, reinsch decided to renovate the facility. Rocks were blown up, behind the hexagonal building in the foreground a seven meter high tower was built.

And that’s how "hildenstein" is, which bears the name of the owner’s wife, the second youngest castle in french switzerland, was built in its present form. Until 1958 the castle was owned by the nesso family, since then it has belonged to paul krebs and his daughter viktoria liedl from nurnberg, said sieghardt.

The youngest castle in french-speaking switzerland is burg feuerstein above ebermannstadt: it was built in 1941 by oskar vierling as a laboratory for research in high-frequency technology and electroacoustics.

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