The good deed: donation for dam project

The good deed: donation for dam project

A check in the amount of 1,000 euros has shareholder marcel hannweber and managing director franz doring of the company "hannweber flooring" presented in dettelbach to gerd schneider, diozesan chairman of the catholic rural people’s movement (KLB) from euerfeld.

The money is earmarked for a dam project in senegal, which KLB is actively supporting. Schneider was in senegal at the beginning of 2019 with a delegation from the KLB wurzburg and inspected a dilapidated anti-salt dam in the small village of boly. And it quickly became clear to him: quick help is needed here. Because salt water from an arm of the sea that extends far inland has repeatedly been printed onto the fields of around 60 farming families. Rice cultivation on the 135-hectare flatland, which secures the village’s livelihood, was thus impossible. 30,000 euros had to be raised to realize the project.

Thanks to the support of numerous donors such as the company hannweber, the dam was repaired in the summer, and now the farmers can grow rice again. Bishop martin boucar tine from kaolack even came to the inauguration celebrations. A partnership with the local diocese has existed with the KLB wurzburg since 1981.

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