Women’s association supports hospice service

Due to high demand, the catholic women’s association of heroldsbach has increased its production of easter candles to 250 this year. Once again, numerous hands were needed to lovingly and creatively decorate the tickets.
One morning and one evening were spent gluing, cutting, punching and packing before the candles could be sold.

37 volunteers

"The proceeds of 550 euros were donated to the christian palliative and hospice service of caritas forchheim, in which heroldsbacher parishioner evelyn eberhorn is also active as a hospice volunteer", the women’s association announces in a letter.
Currently, 37 hospice volunteers visit families once or twice a week, usually for two to four hours, to relieve the burden on their families.
The coordination of the helpers is taken over by sieglinde graf, who comes from the neighboring community of wimmelbach. Against this background, she was particularly pleased that her palliative and hospice service received a donation from the heroldsbacher frauenbund.

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