Archdiocese of bamberg sends out 750 carol singers

Archdiocese of bamberg sends out 750 carol singers

The holy three kings made their way from ottokirche to the cathedral together with archbishop ludwig schick.
Luisa, mirya, tim, marius, elisabeth and many more took part in the start of the diozesan sternsinger campaign in bamberg and braved the winter weather yesterday.
With her "royals together with more than 700 other carol singers from all parts of the archdiocese of bamberg, they marched from the ottokirche through the fubganger zone up to the cathedral. The partly heavy snowfall did not stop her from doing so.

Encouragement from the bishop

especially since they have been in the church before. Otto was encouraged by archbishop ludwig schick, who by the way himself walked the path together with the singsingers. "Altar boys are faithful helpers. They are always there when you need them in the church community. But carol singers are not only faithful, they are also weatherproof", said schick in the context of a small service. In addition, the children and young people on their way to the dome should also remember that it is also winter in iraq and syria right now, and that the children there also had to survive the cold and the winter.

"Show solidarity"

"and if we show solidarity with them and also collect for them, so that their way will be better, then our way today will feel like a walk through the sunshine", schick went on to say. After that, the carol singers set off, following a crude crown they had made themselves.
After about an hour’s walk and three stops, where the carol singers sang songs, accompanied by the trombone choir from schonberg, the large group arrived at the cathedral. In the midst of it all, luisa and her fellow carolers from the parish of st. Gangolf.

"This is the third time that I have participated in the sternsinger campaign. But it is the first time that I will participate in a sending out with a procession", said the eleven-year-old. It was a nice march in spite of the weather. Especially since they had also received many admiring and friendly glances from passers-by.
"The joy that people show us during our collection campaign is one of the reasons why I take part in the carol singing every year", explains luisa. She also wanted to use the money she collected to help other children who were not doing so well.

Cathedral was filled to the brim

in the packed cathedral, archbishop ludwig schick, on the other hand, gave the carolers three things to take away with them: first, they should be firmly convinced that they were doing something good and great with their collection campaign. Because the money was used to build schools, kindergartens, hospitals and other important facilities for children in countries such as the philippines and other countries in asia, africa and central america. "And secondly, when you go from house to house, please spread a lot of optimism and belief that the world can be made better", said schick. And thirdly, all the carol singers should contribute with a conscious and healthy way of life to satisfy the hunger in the world.

Because still about 1.8 billion of the seven billion people in the world had to suffer from hunger.

In this country in abundance

in addition straight in germany food, which gives it in the abundance, was thrown away. "Otherwise I wish you a good time, collect diligently and bring much joy and blessing into the houses", said the archbishop at the end.

The carol singers wrote their wishes for themselves and for children around the world on slips of paper and pinned them to the coarse golden crown during the service.

The sternsinger campaign is jointly sponsored by the bund der katholischen jugend (BDKJ) and the kindermissionswerk. This year’s motto is "bring blessings. Be a blessing. For healthy food in the philippines and around the world".

Between new year’s day and epiphany on the 6th. In january, around 6,000 children and young people will be on the move throughout the archdiocese. They roam the streets of their villages and towns collecting money for their peers in africa, asia and latin america. The philippines are this year’s focus.
In 2014, kaspar, melchior and balthasar collected about 42.3 million euros nationwide, including about 1.44 million in the archdiocese of bamberg.

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