Arrests after new wave of protests in iran

arrests after new wave of protests in iran

In iran, 29 women were arrested by the police for protesting against the compulsory wearing of headscarves in the country.

The police accused the women, according to the tasnim news agency, of having been "swindled" in a propaganda action by iranians abroad and had removed their headscarves. Another demonstrator had already been arrested on monday.

Since the end of december, more and more iranian women have been calling for the headscarf to be abolished. As a protest, they take off their headscarves in public and hang them up as a flag. Believing muslim women who wear the headscarf voluntarily, older women, men and allegedly some clerics have also joined the nationwide protest action.

In iran, all women and girls over the age of nine must wear a headscarf and a long, loose coat in public to conceal their hair and body contours. The headscarf has been compulsory in iran for 40 years, but the majority of women have been against it for just as long.

The anti-headscarf campaign is seen by observers as a second wave after the political and economic protests in the country. The ten-day protests that took place on the 28. The protests, which began in december, were initially directed against inflation and corruption. But then they became increasingly critical of the system, even calling for a change of regime.

Iranian president hassan ruhani has not yet spoken out about the headscarf protests, but he has called on the country’s leadership to take the citizens’ protests seriously. "We can’t achieve anything if we don’t have the people behind us and ignore their criticism," ruhani said on thursday.

Iran’s leadership was able to end the demonstrations, but ruhani fears further protests if necessary reforms are not implemented immediately. Ruhani also worries that the new generation will otherwise distance itself more and more from the islamic system.

On the occasion of the upcoming 39. Anniversary of the islamic revolution on 11. February ruhani recalled the then overthrown monarchy. The monarchists had also believed that they would remain in power forever. In the end, however, they lost everything with the 1979 revolution because they did not listen to the voice of the people. This was a lesson for all rulers to "listen very carefully to the demands of the people," ruhani said.

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