Colorful protest against nazi march in wunsiedel

Colorful protest against nazi march in wunsiedel

The citizens of wunsiedl opened their memorial service on saturday afternoon with a 1 p.M. Service attended by more than 200 people under the motto "we remember the victims and not the perpetrators!" On the way through the city center, many citizens joined in, thus clearly showing their opposition to right-wing extremist activities.

An activist from the extreme right-wing scene had registered a meeting in wunsiedel. About 160 like-minded people took part in the event. During checks, the police arrested a man from the right-wing scene. He was carrying objects for disguise and a glove filled with sand.

A meeting attendee filed a complaint because he was insulted during a verbal altercation.

Thanks to the rapid intervention of the fire department and emergency services, a vehicle parked in hornschuchstrabe was saved from serious damage.

The wagon caught fire in the front area for reasons that are not yet clear. The hof criminal investigation department is trying to establish whether there is a connection with the meeting.

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